The Architecture Hunter Awards (AHA) 2024 ensures top-tier recognition for winners, with rewards designed to boost their visibility and prestige. Submit your work now to become part of this esteemed community and learn more about the benefits below.

Broad Media Exposure:

Winners will benefit from exposure across a diverse array of media channels, such as digital and print platforms, social networks, and possibly even television or radio broadcasts. This media coverage is designed to spotlight the award-winning projects and individuals, significantly boosting their profile within the architectural sector and the wider public eye.

Dedicated Winner’s Showcase:

The AHA distinguished themselves by offering an exclusive showcase for its winners, either through the AHA’s digital channels, in prestigious publications, or at select events. This is specially designed to provide in-depth coverage of the winners, presenting their work and achievements in a manner that ensures they receive the recognition they rightfully deserve.

Physical Commemorative Trophy:

In recognition of their achievements, winners will be awarded a trophy, a physical symbol of excellence in architecture. Each trophy is uniquely crafted to embody the essence and stature of the AHA, serving as a permanent testament to the winners’ accomplishments.

Exclusive Media Package:

Winners will also receive a custom-designed media package, offering a range of promotional tools and resources. This includes professionally prepared press releases, engaging promotional videos, exclusive interviews, and marketing materials, all aimed at highlighting and advancing the winners’ projects and profiles. This offers winners a unique advantage in promoting their success and enhancing their reputation.