AHA Regulation




1.1 – Mandatary Company:
Address: Avenue BRIG FARIA LIMA number: 2413 complement: SALA 131
Neighbor: JARDIM PAULISTANO City: SAO PAULO State: SP Zip Code:01452-904
CNPJ/MF nº: 34.757.801/0001-18


3 – Coverage area:
All national territory.

4 – Period of the promotion:
01/03/2024 till 24/10/2024

5 – Period of participation:
19/03/2024 till 01/09/2024

6 – Participation criteria:



6.1.1 The Contest entitled “ARCHITECTURE HUNTER AWARDS – AHA” will be held by ARCHITECTURE HUNTER LTDA, hereby called “Promoter”. The briefing disclosure will take place beginning on March 1st, 2024, the participation from March 19th until September 1st, 2024; and the selection from the 2nd of September until the 24th of September 2024.

6.1.2 The enrollment period will take place between 00:00 on March 19th, 2024, until 23h59min of the 19th of September 2024 (Brasília’s time). The participation of people under 18 years of age will not be accepted.

6.1.3 The present contest has the goal of rewarding the best Project in each of the 28 (twenty-eight) categories of participation disposed by the publishing of the said projects on ARCHITECTURE HUNTER LTDA’s social media and the delivery of a trophy for each of the 28 (twenty-eight) winners.

6.1.4 Having access to the internet is necessary for the participation on this Contest and the quality of the project submission may vary depending on the network’s availability, and the form and quality of the internet connection and device used.

6.1.5 The Promoter is not responsible for eventual impossibility of Internet access and/or for the development of the computers, tablets, smartphones that do not have the minimal form of configuration or the updated version to access the Contest’s website.

6.1.6 Before participating in the Contest, the interested party shall read and accept all the terms of this Regulation, being aware that, by making the application on the website, he/she will adhere to all the said terms. The interested party that disagrees with the terms and conditions established in the Regulation shall not participate in this Contest.

6.1.7 Any doubts regarding the participation in this Contest shall be mailed to the following address: [email protected].



6.2.1 To participate, the interested party shall access the following https://architecturehunter.com/ to make its registration, paying the respective fee on the timeframe established on item 6.1.1 above. The interested party may enroll more than 1 (one) Project, being such Projects on the same category or in one of the other 28 (twenty-eight) different categories.

6.2.2 Thereafter, the interested party shall inform: (i) full name; (ii) name of the firm (if existent); (iii) updated e-mail address; (iv) date of birth; select the category of participation and send all the information regarding the project (such as: location, responsible parties, used programs). All the informed data will be verified during the validation process of potential winners, under penalty of disqualification. The provision of personal information is an indispensable condition for the identification of the participant possibly contemplated, being the Promoter exempt of any responsibility of eventual supply of incomplete, incorrect, or altered data posterior to the registration, that may imply on the impossibility of notification of the participant.

6.2.3 When applying for the Contest, the participants are, automatically, declaring that they’ve read and accepted the terms and conditions of this Regulation, as well as conferring responsibility on the used means for the creation of the Project, its authorship and originality; as well as any eventual violation of intimacy, privacy, honor, image of any Other person, regarding duties of secrecy, copyright, personality and/or any other responsibility related to such facts, aspects, rights and/or situations, obliging to defend the Promoter of any accusation, extrajudicial and/or judicial relief by previous approval, regarding the defense strategy and the convenience and opportunity of settlements.

6.2.4 The participants hereby authorize, as consequence of winning its awards, the usage of their names, images, voice sounds, as well as the projects presented, in any way chosen by the Promoter to divulge this Contest for the period of 12 (twelve) months, starting on the final date of the Contest.



6.3.1 Each of the 28 (twenty-eight) winning participants shall be awarded with the publishing of the respective projects by ARCHITECTURE HUNTER and shall receive a physical trophy.



6.4.1 Starting from 00h00min of the 01st of March 2024, the briefings of each category will be disposed on the website https://architecturehunter.com/. However, the enrollment for the participation will be available starting from 00h00min of March 19th, 2024.

6.4.2 The 28 (twenty-eight) following categories will be available for registration:

  1. Architecture:
  • _Commercial
  • _Institutional Facilities
  • _Hospitality & Hotel
  • _Mixed-use building
  • _Office
  • _Reform and Retrofit
  • _Residential
  • _Small Scale Architecture
  1. Landscape Architecture:
  • _Public Space and Urban Design
  • _Residential
  1. Interior Design:
  • _Apartment
  • _Commercial
  • _Hospitality & Hotel
  • _Office
  • _ Institutional Facilities
  • _House
  1. Image:
  • _Architectural Photography
  • _Interior Photography
  • _Artistic Architecture Photography
  • _Rendering
  1. Video:
  • _Architectural Video
  • _Short documentary film
  1. Unbuilt:
  • _Architecture
  • _Interior Design
  • _Landscape & Urban Design
  • _Architecture and Design Student Projects
  1. Sustainability:
  • _Architecture
  • _ Landscape and Urban Design

Participants are allowed to submit multiple projects across various categories, as well as enter a single project into more than one category. This flexibility allows for the possibility of a participant winning awards in multiple categories, whether through different projects or the same project entered into several categories.

6.4.3 The materials submitted must have the following specifications:

a) Upload up to 20 images in extension .jpeg or .png, with a maximum of 5MB each;
b) Link for the video upload, accessible to the Promoter;
c) Description of the project with maximum of 500 characters.

6.4.4 With the purpose of keeping the impartiality of the judges during the contest, the identification of the participant and/or its firm will be prohibited on the project and its images, videos, description. The name or identifying mark cannot be included, under penalty of disqualification.

6.4.5 The content of the projects sent cannot attempt against the law, morals, good costumes, dignity, image, reputation, honor, integrity or any other right of any person, the nationality, ethnicity, politics or religion, the public order and/or any valid juridical norm. On the same way, the content shall not contain: (i) any image that promotes products/bands that are not owned or licensed to the Promoter; (ii) indecent, prejudiced, pornographic, disrespectful, discriminatory, insulting, slanderous, defamatory images that incite drug use and violence, especially Against minors; nor constitute plagiarism or unauthorized use of intellectual rights, under penalty of immediate disqualification.

6.4.6 The participants must be the holder of the projects sent and shall obtain authorization for the usage of eventual images or brands of third parties, under exclusive liability of the participant. All projects sent may be used by the Promoter, under its own criteria, by placement on any social media. The participants are responsible for the usage of material, data, images, and any other intellectual propriety used.

6.4.7 Project that disagree with the theme or with the rules of elaboration specified in this Regulation will not be accepted and may be disqualified at any moment if such irregularity is identified.

6.4.8 All the projects must be sent to the website https://architecturehunter.com/ until 23h59 of the 1st of September 2024, under penalty of not being sent to evaluation. Once submitted, the projects cannot be edited by the participants. Files sent physically to the Promoters’ headquarters will not be accepted.

6.4.9 The Promoter will not be held liable for eventual prejudice cause regarding the function of delivery of project that are incomplete, illegible, with corrupted files or that are not properly received, or for any other general or technical problem caused by failure within the provider of access and/or lack if energy, not excluding any other situation of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances.


  • PERIOD OF SELECTION: from 02/09/2024 at 00:00 until 24/10/2024 at 23:59
  • PERIOD OF PARTICIPATION ON THE SELECTION: from 19/03/2024 at 00:00 until 01/09/2024 at 23:59
  • CITY: São Paulo STATE: SP ZIP CODE: 01452-904
  • LOCAL OF SELECTION: Promoter’s headquarters


  • Quantity 28
  • Description: publishing of the winning project on the Promoter’s profiles on social media and a trophy.
  • Amount R$ 357,00
  • Total Amount R$ 9.996,00
  • Order 1


  • Total quantity of prizes 28
  • Total amount of promotion R$ 9.996,00


9.1 The Judging Committee will evaluate and judge the projects from September 2nd, 2024, until October 24th, 2024, through an online platform created to fulfill such means. During the selection, the best projects within the 28 (twenty-eight) categories will be chosen.

9.2 The Judging Committee will be formed by member of recognized capacity and notorious knowledge related to the promotion and will judge based on the following criteria: (i) aesthetics; (ii) functionality; (iii) relevance; (iv) context coherence; (v) originality, giving each one a remark from 1 to 5 (whole numbers). Thereafter, such remarks will be added, resulting in an amount from 0 to 10. The decisions taken by the Judging Committee are sovereign and irrevocable.

9.2.1 The projects containing the following aspects will be disqualified by the Judging Committee: failure to comply with the objective of the competition; inappropriate language, inappropriate or offensive content to anyone, such as images of naked children, in sensual positions or in clothing with sensual/sexual appeal; any type of obscene or profane situation, image or word, malicious, sexual and/or pornographic connotation, slander, defamation and insults, threats, offenses, of a violent, illicit, offensive or immoral nature, discriminatory of any nature, offensive to freedom of belief and religions; Disrespect for animal rights and mistreatment of animals; Subliminal data (messages, information, images), which constitute or could constitute a crime (or criminal misdemeanor); may be understood as incitement to commit crimes (or criminal misdemeanors); constitute or may constitute an apology for racism, encouragement or association with illegal activities; put the health and safety of people and animals at risk; mention or intend to promote the brand, product or service of direct competitors; mention names or images of famous or public figures and people, without prior authorization; carry out electoral propaganda or disseminate an opinion in favor of or against a party or candidate; use content protected by law or containing images, texts, reproductions of any type, or any other material protected by Copyright, related rights and/or personal rights, without prior authorization; may cause material and/or moral damage to third parties, children and animals; harm the promotion of culture and art; and, in any way, violate morality and good customs, as well as any act that directly or indirectly violates the provisions of these Regulations.

9.3 The remarks from 0 to 10 attributed by each judge will be added and averaging these values will result in a remark from 0 to 10 to rank the project in its category.

9.4 The judge that finds a project worth emphasis by its characteristics and specificities may give it a golden star. In other words, the golden star is not mandatory, leaving it up to the judge to assign it or not.

9.5 Each golden star is worth a 10-point remark and, if attributed, its value will be added to the average of item 9.3 to compose a new average.

9.6 Each member of the jury may give 1 (one) golden star per category evaluated, regardless of the number of categories he/she evaluates. For example: if the judge evaluates 3 categories, he/she can attribute up until 3 (three) golden stars, being only 1 (one) per category.

9.7 The winner will be considered the project that obtains the highest score from the judges in each category that if there is a tie between the participants, the winning project will be the one with the highest number of gold stars. If the tie is kept, the tiebreaker will be made through an unappealable decision by a representative of the agent, appointed for the act.

9.8 The Promoter will reach the potential winner by e-mail to inform the result, and the winner shall present the documents capable of proving the veracity of its identity and the necessary information to demonstrate the compliance with the conditions of participation in up until 72 (seventy-two) hours, counted from the effective contact. The selected project will have its creator considered as the potential winner up until the fulfillment of the verification of the participating conditions, under penalty of disqualification.

9.9 If the requested documents are not presented, or if presented in the said deadline but are not able to prove the veracity of the information, the participant will be disqualified and the next participant will be checked, according to the order of classification, and to the ranking carried out during the calculation.


10.1 The participant will be automatically disqualified by the Judgement Committee on the act of evaluation if:

  1. a) Present impediment to participate in the promotion;
  2. b) Provide incomplete or illegitimate/irregular personal information;
  3. c) Request the deletion of your data from the promoter’s database, during the validity period;
  4. d) Using proven fraud or any other unsuitable means of participation;
  5. e) Failure to comply with any of the clauses contained in this regulation.

10.2 The following are prohibited from participating on the promotion: directors, employees and collaborators directly involved in the organization of the promotion, as well as its partners, direct relatives and those related by marriage up to the first degree (including parents, children, in-laws, and stepchildren).

10.3 People under the age of 18 are expressly vetoed from participating in the promotion, even by representation, being framed in the hypothesis of disqualification established on letter
“a” of item 10.1.

10.4 The situations above will be considered, at any moment, as a violation of this regulation, giving rise to the disqualification of the participant, even after the examination, without prejudice to eventual civil and criminal liability.

10.5 It will be exclusively up to the Promoter, through a committee, to evaluate and decide on omitted cases and doubts raised during the Competition, with its decisions being sovereign and unappealable.

10.6 If the winner gets disqualified before or after the disclosure of recipients, the next eligible participant will be selected according to the ranking, which must be subjected to the same verification and validation process.

10.7 In case of renounce of the award by the winner, such withdrawal will be formally documented and the respective value collected to the National Treasury as income of the Federal Union.


11.1 The possible recipients will be notified, through the registered e-mail, up until 07 (seven) business days, counted from the date of selection or the non-compliance of item 9.8.

11.2 The result indicating the name of the recipients will be disclosed on the promotion website up until 7 (seven) business days, counted from the date of selection or the non-compliance of item 9.8.


12.1 The awards will be delivered free and clear of any burdens or charges to the recipients up until 30 (thirty) business days, counted from the selection date or the definition of the winner, in case of non-compliance of item 9.8, fulfillment of what’s established on article 5 of the Decree 70.951/72.

12.1.1 The publishing will occur on ARCHITECTURE HUNTER’s profile on social media platforms Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/architecture_hunter/) and Linkedin (https://br.linkedin.com/company/architecturehunter), as well as on its Newsletter official website (https://architecturehunter.com/).

  • By means of the fulfillment of item 12.2, a letter of commitment will be delivered to the winner regarding the publishing, within the deadline stipulated in such clause.

12.1.2 The trophy will be delivered by postal correspondence and will be sent to the address indicated by the winner when notified of the result.

  • By means of the fulfillment of item 12.1, the trophy will be sent to the recipient via postal mail within the deadline stipulated in such clause.

12.2 The commercial promotion of this Regulation is not, in any form, sponsored or administrated by the platforms and providers possibly mentioned in this regulation, nor associated with them, exempting those responsible for them from any responsibility.

12.3 Upon delivery of the prizes, a report will be generated containing the information on sending and receiving the prize by the participant, for the instruction of the accountability process before the Secretariat of Economic Reforms – SRE, linked to the Ministry of Finance – MF.

12.4 The prizes offered in this Contest will not be exhibited, due to its nature.

12.5 The award distributed is personal and cannot be transferred, changed by any other value or converted in cash.

12.6 In case of death of the recipient before receiving the award, such prize shall be delivered to one of the heirs of the recipient, provided this condition is duly proven.

12.7 The recipient that, by any reason, is unable to personally receive the prize, may appoint an agent for this purpose, through a power of attorney with specific powers.

12.8 The recipient will have up until 180 (one hundred and eighty) days, counted from the date of selection to protest eventual rights of awarding.

12.9 If the previous period has elapsed, without a complaint or without the prize being withdrawn by the recipient, or even if the recipient has signed a waiver agreement, the corresponding amount will be collected by the promoter from the National Treasury, as Union income, through a DARF guide. (code 0394), without prejudice to the payment of Income Tax at source, levied on the date of distribution, through a DARF guide (code 0916).


13.1 By registering in this Contest, the interested party accepts the terms and adheres to this Regulation (adhesion contract), giving the promoter express consent for the processing of personal data, in addition to granting full and unrestricted acceptance of the terms and conditions established in this regulation, including the characteristics of the award, in accordance with art. 7th, I, of the General Data Protection Law – LGPD (Law no. 13.709/2018).

13.1.1 The participant declares awareness that, based on article 7, sections II and V of the General Data Protection Law (Law no. 13.709/2018), her/his personal data provided within the registration will be stored, treated, used and shared between the Promoter and its involved partners, limited to sharing only data strictly needed to the campaign operationalization, disclosure of the winner and delivery of the prize, respecting the limits of the applicable law, without any burden on the promoter and its partners mentioned above, also highlighting that the aforementioned disclosure is made in compliance with the legal duty to publicize the result.

13.1.2 The participant declares to be aware that other eventual action provided by ARCHITECTURE HUNTER is not linked to this promotion, and the rules of this Regulation must be strictly followed.

13.1.3 Partner companies, however, will fully reimburse the Promoter of the data that was received, perhaps from the fulfillment of tasks arising from these promotions, not being allowed to keep such information, unless for the compliance with legal duty.

13.1.4 The participants declare that they are fully informed that the Promoter may still carry out the formation of a registry and/or database with the information collected in accordance with the provisions of article 12 of SEAE/ME Ordinance no. 7.638/2022, sending advertising communication to participants and adequate execution, dissemination and conclusion of this promotion, the commercialization of this data is prohibited under any circumstances. If the participant no longer wishes to receive emails, they can unsubscribe. However, if they do so during the promotion they will be disqualified.

13.2 In conformity with article 8, § 5, of the General Data Protection Law, the participant may revoke its consent, freely and at any time, as well as request the elimination of the treatment done, both through express request sent to the e-mail [email protected].

13.2.1 The participant declares to be aware that the dispatch of any request described in the previous item will imply on the immediate disqualification, given that such treatment is essential to the campaign’s dynamic.

13.3 During the period of participation, eventual questions by the participants regarding this promotion shall be addressed to the Promoter’s e-mail [email protected], in order for the Promoter to have skillful time to take the necessary measures to secure its the rights and duties, that can be compromised in case its done after its finished.

13.3.1 Doubts, omissions, or controversies regarding this promotion shall, firstly be resolved by submission to the judging committee for evaluation and decision and, in the event that a consensus is not reached, the issue will be submitted to the SRE/MF for consideration.

13.3.2 In the event of the promoter’s unjustified silence, as well as due to an unsatisfactory decision that the judging committee may adopt regarding any requests for clarification presented, participants will be able to present their substantiated complaints to the local PROCON and/or public bodies that are part of the National Defense System of the Consumer – SNDC.

13.4 The recipient hereby gives in to the Promoter, freely, definitively and irrevocably, all the rights of usage of her/his image, voice sounds, performance, story, name, rights connected as a result from participating  in this promotion, authorizing its disclosure, by any form of disclosure and publishing, for commercial usage, advertisement, promotional and/or institutional, without limitation to the number of placements, for a period of 12 (twelve) months, counted from the date of selection, reserving the right to always have your name linked to the authorization certificate.

13.4.1 It is assumed that the recipient does not have any fiscal, legal or other constraints that would prevent them from receiving and/or enjoying the prize distributed, so that, if any, the respective consequences will be their sole responsibility.

13.4.2 The Promoter fully exempts itself of all form of responsibility arising from the conduct of any participant of this promotion, including responsibilities regarding the misuse or violation of any rights of third parties, without prejudice to the right of return.

13.4.3 The participants assume exclusive and full responsibility for the participation in the promotion, placing the Promoter protected from any claims, voluntary or not, that involve the exhibition of content because of the promotion, assuming, therefore, all the onuses arising from the allegations, as indemnities, losses and damages, court costs and legal fees, including the Promoter’s right of recourse against the participant.

13.4.4 The usage and disclosure of the project, objects of this contest, will not depend on previous authorization of the participant, and will not give the right to any remuneration or bonus. The participants authorize the usage and assignment of all property rights regarding the content sent during the participation, including but not limited to the rights to display, publish, reproduce, store and/or use it in any other way, which the participant does expressly, irrevocably and irreversibly, from now on, and by rights, free of charge and without any remuneration, burden or charge, and said rights may be exercised in any type of media and/or pieces for the wide dissemination of the promotion and its subsequent development, exclusively and without such authorization meaning, implying or resulting in any obligation of disclosure or payment, also agreeing to sign any receipts and instruments to this effect and for such purpose, for a period of 12 (twelve) months, counting from the date of verification, noting that all broadcasts will be linked to the authorization certificate.

13.5 The following will not be objects of this promotion nor the free distribution of awards: medicines, weapons and ammunition, explosives, fireworks, alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content greater than 13º Gay Lussac, tobacco and its derivates, and others that may be listed by the Ministry of Economy, as established on article 10 of the Decree no. 70.951/72, as well as food for lactating and children on the early childhood and related childcare products, according to articles 4 and 5 of Law no. 11.265/06.

13.6 The conversion of the prizes into cash is prohibited in accordance with article 15, § 5º of Decree no. 70.951/71. The promoter compromises to acquire the prize of deliver the contract for the Purchase of ownership of the prizes up until 08 (eight) days before the date of the respective selection, in accordance with article 15, §§ 1 and 2 of Decree 70.951/72.

13.7 As established in article 70, section I, line “b” of Law no. 11.196/05, the Promoter will deduct 20% of IRF on the value of the prize, up until the third business day after the ten-year anniversary of the occurrence of the triggering events, through DARF, collected in the banking network with the code 0916.

13.8 The Regulation will be virtually available on the website https://architecturehunter.com/.

13.9 The forum of the participant’s domicile is hereby elected, with full agreement of all participants, with the exclusion of any other, however privileged it may be, to resolve any pending issue regarding this promotion or regulation.


Any consumer that fulfills the requirements established in the Regulation of the campaign can participate in the promotion;

The awards will not be converted into cash;

Electronic verification is prohibited;

The prizes will be delivered up until 30 (thirty) days from the date of selection, without any charge to the recipients;

When the prize drawn, won in a contest or awarded through a gift certificate is not claimed within the period of 180 (one hundred and eighty) days counted, respectively, from the date of the draw, the date of determination of the contest result and the end of the period of the promotion, the respective holder’s right will expire and the corresponding amount will be collected by the authorized company to the National Treasury as Union income, within 45 (forty-five) days.

In case of promotions with underage participants, if the minor is awarded, he/she must, at the time of awarding the prize, be represented by his/hers legal guardian; with exception to the commercial promotion made by concessionaire or license of broadcasting, as established on article 1-A, § 3 of Law 5.768, from December, 20th 1971;

Up until a year after the selection of this commercial promotion, the Promoter may disclose of the image of the recipients;

Doubts and controversies arising from complaints of the participants shall, firstly be resolved by the Promoter and, if persistent, shall be submitted to the SRE/MF;

Local consumer protection bodies will receive duly substantiated complaints;

The accounting must be carried out within a maximum period of thirty days after the premiums prescription date, under penalty of non-compliance with the prize distribution plan;

The regulation will be fixed in a place of visibility and will be presented in size and spelling that enable understanding and visualization by the consumer participant on this commercial promotion;

In addition to the terms above, commercial promotion must comply with the conditions set out in Law no. 5.768/1971, in Decree no. 70.951/1972, MF Ordinance no. 41/2008, MF Ordinance no. 67/2017, MF Ordinance no. 422/2013, Seae/MF Ordinance no. 88/2000, and acts that complement them.

For the “Draw” and “Draw-like” modalities, the company must attach the List of Participants in the “Selection” tab, containing the names and lucky numbers distributed, after the end of each participation period and before the Lottery is extracted. The file must be in .csv, .xls or .zip form and each file can be up to 250 MB;

The violation of the clauses of the Term of Responsibility and the Regulation constitutes non-compliance with the operation plan and gives rise to the penalties established on article 13 of Law no. 5.768/1971.


The rendering of accounts must be carried out by the date stated in the promotion header in the SCPC, in accordance with the rules established in SEAE Ordinance No. 7,638, of October 18, 2022. The expiration of the deadline for rendering accounts constitutes a delay for the promoting companies. Failure to provide accounts by the due date will result in the imposition of a fine of 100% (one hundred percent) levied on the sum of the values of the goods promised as a prize and the prohibition of carrying out free distribution operations of awards for the purpose of advertising, during a period of 2 (two) years, counting from the deadline for rendering accounts, under the terms of art. 13 of Law No. 5,768, of December 20, 1971. The setting of the fine may be reviewed at the level of administrative appeal, to be presented in accordance with art. 56 of Law No. 9,784, of January 29, 1999.

Documento assinado eletronicamente por MARCO ANTONIO DE GOUVEA, Técnico, em 17/01/2024 às 11:07, conforme horário oficial de Brasília, com fundamento no art. 6o, § 1o, do Decreto no 8.539, de 8 de outubro de 2015.

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Date of the last update: 28 of February, 2024