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We hereby dispose the following practices related to collecting, way of use, storage, handling, processing, sharing and transferring personal data that, that occur as consequence of the access and usage of the services made available by Architecture Hunter, with headquarters on Avenue Brigadeiro Faria Lima, nº 2413, apartment 131, Jardim Paulistano, ZIP Code 01452-904, City of São Paulo, State São Paulo, registered on the CNPJ/MF under number 34.757.801/0001-18 (“Architecture Hunter” or “We”).


In order to uncomplicate your reading of the present document, we hereby present useful definitions for your interpretation.


– Personal data: an information related to an individual that can identify such person or make its identification possible. Examples of personal data that may enable your identification: name, CPF, telephone number, e-mail, license number, etc.


– Handling/treatment: all forms of usage that we can make of your Personal Data, including, but limited, to the following activity: collect, storage, consult, use, share, transmit, classify, reproduce, exclude and evaluate.


– Holder: it’s you, the individual to whom the personal data refers to.


1. Who are we

Architecture Hunter is a mediatic platforms of content related to Architecture, Design, Art, Urbanism and all themes related to such spheres, that have as mission spray knowledge with its global audience. The company products and curates’ visual audiovisual material related to such themes on its social media profiles and website.


2. General aspects

The present Privacy Policy (“Policy”) explains in a clear and accessible way how the data and information are collected, used, shared, storage on our systems. The acceptance of our Policy shall be made when you (“User” or “you”) access or use the website, app or services provided by Architecture Hunter. This will indicate that you are aware and in total agreement with the way we will use your information and data. We establish that the Terms of Use of Architecture Hunter (“Terms”) celebrated between the User and Architecture Hunter are an integrated and inseparable part of this instrument and shall be read and observed with attention.


3. How will your personal data be collected, and which types of personal data are collected?

The amount of and the type of information collected by Architecture Hunter vary with accordance to the way the User utilizes the Website. All data collected of supplied directly by the holder of personal data are treated as confidential, and we shall use only to the ends described in this instrument and/authorized by you.


To know more about which personal data are collected and their respective purposes, consult the following:



  • Navigation of the website

    • Type of data collected:
      • Data of navigation: data collected by cookies or devices Ids, including IP, date and hour of access, geographical location, type of navigator, duration of the visit and pages visited.
      • Data about the access device: model, manufacture, operational system, telephony agency, type and speed of connection.
    • Purpose:
      • Access registration: register your IP, date and hour of the access.
      • Website functionality: activate essential features, as antivirus software, presentation of content on screen and other features.
      • Analytics: perceive your behavior while navigating the website and how it is being used to improve your experience as user. The data collected will be assembled and, as possible, anonymized.
      • Marketing: show online advertisement that may be of your interest based on the data related with your navigation.
  • Form of contact of our services of attendance – talk to us:

    • Type of data collected:
      • Data of contact: name, e-mail. Other information may be inserted on the space “Message”, but such information will be at the user’s discretion.
    • Purpose:
      • Communication: reply to your questions and attend to your solicitations, direct complains to the responsible parties, keep record of your contact and registration updated, supply updates to you about the changes in the policies, terms and conditions and any other aspects that need to be communicated to you. Also, collect statistics and information to studies, trainings, and other features for the improvement of our actions and initiatives.
  • Receive mailing and communications:

    • Type of data collected:
      • Data of registration: name, e-mail and/or cellphone number.
    •  Purpose:
      • Marketing: actively send mailing and other communications about Architecture Hunter, artists, partners, as well as their initiatives and projects, by cellphone, telephone or the internet (e-mail, direct messages in social media platforms, messages in apps such as WhatsApp).

4. How do we use Cookies?

“Cookies” are identifiers that are transmitted to your navigator or device, which informs how and when the pages and resources of the website are visited, how many people access such page and some information about your devices. When a user visits the website, “cookies” are inserted on the user’s navigator (ex.: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.) that automatically collect certain personal data for us to be able to (i) operationalize our website (cookies strictly necessary) and (iii) obtain assembled information about our users. The website also has (iii) cookies of third parties that are used for publicity purposes (cookies of publicity/advertising). The user may opt to refuse or disable the cookies by the user’s navigator’s configuration or install a plug-in that performs this feature. However, by doing so, some areas of the website may not work correctly. Still, this Policy does not cover the use of cookies by third parties, and we are not responsible for the third party’s policies and privacy practices.


5. With whom does Architecture Hunter shares your personal data?

Sometimes, we need to share your personal data with third parties that provide services in our name, specially on the use of auxiliary services to the functionality of the website. Following, we describe some situations in which we can share your personal data and, when possible, we’ll do it anonymously.


– Partners and suppliers: Architecture Hunter can share personal data collected from the website with partners and/or suppliers of Architecture Hunter. Our partners and suppliers will be authorized to use such personal data only for the purposes that they were hired to, which means they will not use your personal data to other purposes besides the services provided and established contractually.


In case of any doubts regarding which are out suppliers and partners, reach out to us on the contact channel below.


– Public authorities: we’ll comply with the Law. Therefore, if a judge or an authority with legal competence to demand that Architecture Hunter share certain personal data for, as an example, an investigation, we will share the personal data in case. We are against any abuse of authority and, if Architecture Hunter understands that any order is abusive, we will defend the privacy of the data holders.


– Protection of rights: we reserve the right to share any personal data that we believe is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation, applying out terms of use, or, to protect the rights of Architecture Hunter and our collaborators.


6. Which are your rights as holder of personal data?

The personal data is yours and the Brazilian law assures that you have a series of rights related to such data. We compromise with the fulfilling of these rights, and, in this section, we will explain to you how you can exercise them with Architecture Hunter. The Brazilian law assures you the following rights:


– Confirmation and access: Allows you verify if Architecture Hunter treats your personal data and, if they do, request a copy of the personal data that we have about you.


– Correction: Allows you to request the correction of your personal data that is incomplete, inaccurate and out of date.


– Anonymity, block or eliminate: Allows you to ask us to (a) anonymize your data in a way that keeps them from being related to you and, therefore, stop being personal data; (b) block your data, temporarily suspending your possibility of treatment of such data; and (c) eliminate your data, which means that we shall delete your data without the possibility of reverting such elimination, except when established by the law.


– Portability: You have the right to request, by doing so expressly, that Architecture Hunter provides you or a third party chosen by you, that your personal data, structured and unoperated, to transfer to another providers, if such does not violate the intellectual property or business secret of the company.


– Elimination: When we treat your personal data based on your consent, you may request the elimination of the data.


– Information about sharing: You have the right to know the public and private entities with which Architecture Hunter shares data. In all cases, if you have doubts or want to know more details, you have the right to request such information.


– Information about the possibility of non-consent: Allows you have clear and completed information about the possibilities and consequences of not providing consent. Your consent, when necessary, must be free and informed. Therefore, when we ask for your consent, you are free to deny giving it – even if, in these cases, it’s possible that we have to limit our deliveries to you.


– Revocation of consent: You have the right to withdraw your consent regarding the activities of treatment that are based on consent. However, this will not affect the legality of the treatment done before. If you withdraw your consent, we may not be able to supply some deliveries to you, but we will warn you when it happens.


– Opposition: The law authorizes the treatment of personal data even without your consent. In case you don’t agree with such treatment, in some cases, you may oppose to it, requestion an interruption.


When you exercise your rights, Architecture Hunter may request some complementary information for purposes of proving your identity, as to prevent fraud. We do this to assure your safety and privacy. Some requests may not be replied immediately, but Architecture Hunter compromises to answer all requests in a reasonable deadline and in conformity with the legislation applicable. You may also ask us not to send you marketing communications and not to use your personal data for direct marketing purposes or any other benefit based on your consent. You may opt for not receiving e-mail with information bulletin and other marketing materials, following the cancelation instructions supplied to you in these e-mails.


7. For how long will your personal data be stored?

We will keep the website Users’ personal data for the period of time necessary to fulfill all the goal for which we collected them, including to the fulfillment of any legal, contractual, accounting obligations or the request of competent authorities. All data collected will be excluded from our servers when the User requests or when such data is not necessary or relevant to Architecture Hunter, except if there is any other reason for the maintenance of such data, as eventual legal obligation to retain data or the necessity of preserving such to secure Architecture Hunter’s rights. To determine the adequate period of retention for the personal data, we consider the quantity, the nature and the sensibility of the personal data, the risk for potential damage of unauthorized usage or divulge of your personal data, the goal of processing your personal data and if we can reach such goals by other means and the legal requirements applicable.


8. How does Architecture Hunter’s Information Security works?

Architecture Hunter adopts all the technical and organizational measured to protect the User’s personal data on the website against loss, unauthorized usage, and other types of abuse. The data will be storage in a safe operational environment that is not accessible to the public. We strive to protect the privacy of the personal data that we storge, but, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee total security. The unauthorized use of accounts, hardware or software failure, and other factors can compromise the security of your personal data at any time. Therefore, help us keep a safe environment for everyone. Besides adopting security practices toward your personal data, in case the User identifies or becomes aware of something that compromises the security of personal data, reach out to us by the contact channel bellow.


9. International transfer

Some of our suppliers can have their servers out of the Brazilian territory, in a wat that, for example, when we storage your personal data, we need to transfer them to other countries. These transfers involve only companies that show conformity or process of conformity with the law of data protection applicable, and companies that keep a level of conformity similar or more restrictive than the established by the Brazilian Law applicable. Architecture Hunter has its headquarters in Brazil and the data that we collect will be guided by the Brazilian law. When accessing our website, the User agrees to process and transfer such data to Brazil. The personal data of the website’s Users, when transferred to other countries, may be subjects to the local applicable law and pertinent rules.


10. How to reach Architecture Hunter?

If you believe that your personal information was used with incompatibility with this Policy or with one of your choices as holder of the data, or, still, if you have other doubts, comments or suggestions related to this Policy, you can reach us on the website, on the contact space or through the e-mail address: ([email protected]).


11. Updates of this Policy

As we are always searching for improvements on our website, this Policy may go through updated to give the User more security, convenience and to improve the User’s experience. That’s why we recommend that the User accesses this Policy periodically, so the User can know about such modifications. To facilitate, we indicate on the end of the document the date of the last update. In case there are relevant alterations that gives new authorizations to the Users, we will publish such update and request a new consent.


Data of the last update: 5 of February, 2024