can I submit a project that has won awards in other competitions?

Yes, previously awarded projects can be submitted for consideration in the AHA, provided they meet the submission criteria.

can I purchase an entry now and submit my project later?

Certainly! By purchasing an entry early, you can take advantage of a discounted price. You’ll then have until August 25th, 23:59 GMT to complete your submission. We highly recommend purchasing entries as soon as possible.

what type of images are recommended for submission?

We suggest submitting images that enrich your project for the jury members, aligning with our evaluation criteria. You’re encouraged to submit various forms such as photos, renders, drawings, sketches, illustrations, floor plans, models, architectural plans, films, short videos, and more. Ensure each submission adheres to the limit of 20 photos, each with a maximum size of 5MB. For videos, please utilize external platforms like YouTube or Vimeo and provide an open link.

Why do I need to pay in brazilian reais (BRL)?

We request payment in Brazilian Reais since the transaction occurs in Brazil, making it more convenient to operate and conduct business in our country of origin.

where can I find the official regulation for AHA 2024?

The Regulation can be accessed here.

can I include architectural plans in my project files?

Yes, include architectural plans where appropriate within the project files, but remember that you can only submit up to 20 gallery images, each under 5MB in .jpeg or .png format.

is there any limit to the file size or format for image and video submissions?

We suggest uploading images that are no larger than 5MB. For videos, we advise uploading them to platforms like YouTube or Vimeo and providing an open link in our form. You can find detailed guidelines on file sizes and formats in the submission instructions provided here.

who should own the copyright of the submitted project or film?

Submitters must own or control the project or film’s copyright.

how should I submit a video to AHA 2024?

Submissions must be made strictly through an open and accessible link to a video platform such as Vimeo or YouTube. Each upload must include the director’s name, production company, a film abstract, and any additional credits related to the film or video. Please refer to our General Information page to learn more about video submissions.

how does the award contribute to Construide’s mission?

AHA 2024 contributes to Construide’s mission by donating a portion of entry fees. This financial support enables them to continue its transformative work, impacting communities in Brazil and beyond. Learn more about Construide here.

where can I find the Terms of Use?

The Terms of Use are available here.

are there specific categories for submissions?

Indeed, the award organizes submissions into three primary areas: built environments, conceptual (unbuilt) projects, and visual representations. Within these, there are seven groups, each offering a selection of 28 categories for you to choose from. Explore further details about the available categories here.

is there an opportunity to appeal if a submission is disqualified?

While there is no formal appeals process, participants are encouraged to review the submission guidelines carefully and ensure compliance to prevent disqualification. If there are any questions or concerns, individuals can reach out to the Architecture Hunter team for clarification at [email protected].

can the same project be submitted by multiple people?

If a project is submitted in different categories by more than one entrant, it is permissible. However, if multiple entities submit the same project in the same category, Architecture Hunter Awards reserves the right to disqualify all entries.

are student projects accepted?

Absolutely! Students can show off their creative skills and innovative designs in the Student Project category of AHA 2024.

does my entry need to be submitted in English?

Yes, submissions must be in English and adhere to specific word count limits.

what do I get if I win?

Winners receive broad media exposure, a dedicated winner’s showcase, a physical commemorative trophy, and an exclusive media package tailored to enhance their visibility and prestige. Read more about each winner’s benefit here.

how does the submission review process work?

Once submitted, entries undergo review by the Architecture Hunter team before being presented to the jury. The jury evaluates entries based on specified criteria to determine winners. Specifically, Aesthetics, Functionality, Relevance, Context Coherence and Originality. Read more about the evaluation process and judging criteria here.

is there a deadline for submitting projects?

Yes, the award has specific deadlines for project submissions following a timeline. It’s crucial to submit projects before the deadline on August 25, 2024, at 23:59h GMT. It is advisable to submit before the deadline to avoid any last-minute rush. Read more about the award timeline here.

how many projects can I submit?

Participants are welcome to submit multiple projects for consideration across various categories, provided they adhere to the submission guidelines and purchase the appropriate number of entries to select their desired categories for participation.

how do I enter a project?

Submit your projects for AHA 2024 exclusively through Architecture Hunter’s official website using our online submission portal. Simply follow the steps to achieve 100% submission status: purchase your entry, select a category, and submit to our jury panel. Click here to begin your submission process.

who’s eligible to enter?

Everyone is eligible, architects, designers, render artists, filmmakers, students, photographers, firms, landscapers, interior designers, and professionals related to the AEC field are welcome to participate globally.

how are the winners announced?

The voting process takes place on Architecture Hunter’s online platform, ensuring privacy for jurors while upholding transparency. Digital votes are processed to establish a project ranking system per category. On October 24th, 28 category winners will be announced.

what if I have more questions?

For technical support, including press, sponsorship inquiries and any additional clarifications, please reach out to our support team via our email [email protected].