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Last update: [February 5th, 2024]


Welcome to Architecture Hunter!

These are the terms and conditions of use (“Terms”) rule your access and use, as an individual or company (“User” or “you”), of the services disposed by Architecture Hunter (“Architecture Hunter”), company with registration on the CNPJ/MF under number 34.757.801/0001-18, while on the platform https://www.architecturehunter.com/ (“Platform”).

These Terms have to be carefully read before using the Platform or services provided by Architecture Hunter. Thank you for choosing our services (collectively “Architecture Hunter’s Service” or “Service”).


1. Acceptance of these terms


By clicking on the link “Accept the Terms of Use” when registering on the platform, the User declares having read and accepted all the conditions established on these Terms. Having any discordance with any of the dispositions hereby contained, it’s recommended for the User no to use the Platform and/or contract the services provided by such Platform. By accepting the present conditions, the User assumes, for all ends, that is legally capable of accepting the terms and conditions hereby established and, therefore, is responsible for the acts it practices. The User compromises to access and use this Platform in accordance with all the applicable law. Using the Platform constitutes plain acceptance, on the juridical plan, of all dispositions on the present Term. In case the User does not agree with the present Terms, we advise not using this Platform. The User recognizes and accepts that Architecture Hunter may use the User’s personal data and information in accordance with the Privacy Policy that rules the collection, storage and use of the data inserted by the Users on the Platform and should also be observed by the Users. The User agrees with the terms of the Privacy Policy, including all the rights and obligations established.


2. Relationship with Architecture Hunter


Architecture Hunter is a mediatic platforms of content related to Architecture, Design, Art, Urbanism and all themes related to such spheres, that have as mission spray knowledge with its global audience. The company products and curates’ visual audiovisual material related to such themes on its social media profiles and website.


3. The User’s registration


To use the services provided by Architecture Hunter, a registration is required to validate the access to the Platform. For the registration, the User shall inform, on a technical form, the following data: (i) completed name; (ii) e-mail; (iii) profession; (iv) Instagram username; (v) mini bio; (vi) name of the project; and (vii) location (city and country). Is the User’s responsibility to keep the User’s personal information up to date. Architecture Hunter is not responsible for the truth of the data provided by the User, being the truth of such data solely and exclusively of the User’s responsibility.


4. Sharing and using content


Architecture Hunter allows you to publish content, including photos, videos, comments, links and other materials on the Platform. Everything that you dispose or publish in any form on Architecture Hunter is called “User’s Content”. You keep all the rights regarding the User’s Content and is the only responsible for the Content published on Architecture Hunter. You grant Architecture Hunter and our users a non-exclusive transferable, sublicensable license with validity in the whole world to use, store, exhibit, reproduce, save, modify, create derived material, execute and distribute your Content on Architecture Hunter exclusively for ends of operation, development, supply and use of the Platform. We reserve the right to remove or modify the User’s Content, to alter the way it is used on the Platform for any reason. This includes the User’ Content that we believe violates these Terms or any other policies.


4.1. User’s Architectural Content

The User has the option to submit architectural and urban projects for curation by Architecture Hunter (‘Architectural Content’). In this case, after Architecture Hunter’s prior communication confirming its interest in curating the Architectural Content, this content, in the specific format of videos with a sequence of photographs, can be featured in paid advertisements on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Pinterest Ads.


5. The User’s responsibilities and Architecture Hunter’s responsibilities


  • Responsibility for the use: you are exclusively responsible for the use of the Platform and shall respect the rules of these Terms of Use, as well as the applicable law.


  • Responsibility for eventual damage: Architecture Hunter, its’ controller, affiliates, partners or employees will not, in any hypothesis, be responsible for direct or indirect damage that arise from or that are related to the access, use or the incapacity of access or use of the Platform.


  • Non-responsibility: in the view of the characteristics inherent in the environment of the internet, Architecture Hunter is not responsible for interruptions and suspension of connection, incomplete or failed transmissions, as well as technical failure of any type, including but not limited to electronic malfunction of any network, hardware and software. The unavailability of access to the internet or Platform, as well as any other incorrect or incomplete information about Architecture Hunter and any other human technical  or any other type of failure on the processing of Architecture Hunter’s information will not be considered responsibility of Architecture Hunter. Architecture Hunter exempt from any responsibility of such and/or other facts and acts.


  • Maintenance: it’s entirely your responsibility to keep the environment safe on your device (computer, cellphone, tablet and others), with the use of feature disposable such as antivirus, firewall and others in a way to contribute on the prevention of electronic risks.


  • External links: it is possible that Architecture Hunter can contain links to sites and applications of third parties, as well as have integrated technology. This does not imply, in any way, a connection with the proprietors of such sites and applications, not being responsible for its content, precision, politics, practices or opinions. Architecture Hunter recommends that you read the use and privacy policies of each third party’s site or service that the User comes to use or visit.


6. Cancellation and block


Architecture Hunter reserves the right to cancel and/or block the User’s access, at any time, without previous notice, in case it is identified that the User practices or practiced any act/conduct that (i) violates the federal, state or cities’ laws and regulations; (ii) contraries these Terms or the Privacy Policy; and (iii) violates the moral principles and good costumes. After the cancellation, the right to use the Service will be immediately ceased.


7. The use of cookies


Cookies are small text files that a Platform installs in your device/computer through the navigation (the “Cookies”). The Cookies allow that, during determined period, the Platform records your actions and navigation preferences, that shall be used by us to process and manage your requests more efficiently, as well as to develop and improve our services and the functionality of this Platform. We note that, in general, the Cookies do not include details that can be used to identify the User, just the computer/device used to access the Platform. In case, for any reason, through the Cookies, there is the treatment of personal data, such data shall be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Also, in case the User does not wish to supply the data, we ask that the User configurates its Internet navigator to debilitate Cookies.


8. Exclusion of warrantees and declarations


Depending on the nature of the services provided by Architecture Hunter and having in mind the impossibility of full and uninterrupted functionality of any telecommunication and informatic system, interruptions, technical failures and temporary unavailability may occur, on the Platforms or the links for remote access available on the Platform. Architecture Hunter is not liable for mistakes, problems, blocks or any other event stranger to its system that prevent the interaction between users. When possible, Architecture Hunter will previously warn its users about the problems and interruptions of the functionality of the website. Architecture Hunter, its partners, representatives, collaborators and employees, in any hypothesis, will be responsible for (a) any eventual direct or indirect damage, moral or material, or (b) any losses of data, business or gains (direct and indirect) as consequence of the use or incapacity of usage of the Platform.


9. Modification of the Terms of Use


Architecture Hunter can, at any time and by any means, alter these Terms for its improvement. The altered Terms will be valid from the date of its publication on the Platform. In such cases, Architecture Hunter will notify the User about eventual material alternations on these Terms by the electronic address supplied on the registration and will dispose of the last version of the Terms on the Platform, with the date of its last update. The User will remain linked to any alternation to the Terms, after its publication, in case the User keeps accessing the Platform and using the services provided by Architecture Hunter. The User compromises to consult frequently the Terms available on the Platform to keep updated regarding its terms and conditions. In case of conflict between these Terms and eventual additives, the last ones will prevail.


10. Rights of Intellectual Property


The content of this Platform, including brands, draws, logotypes, texts, images, audio and video material, is property of Architecture Hunter, unless indicated otherwise by referring to the source, and is protected on the general terms of law and by the national and international legislation regarding Intellectual Property. It’s not allowed to exhibit, reproduce, distribute, modify, transmit or use the content of this Platforms in any way, to any public or commercial end, without the previous, express and writing consent of Architecture Hunter. Unless indicated otherwise, the Users are authorized to visualize, copy, impress and distribute the content of this Platform (but never to edit it); only if: (i) such use is merely informative, without commercial purposes and (ii) any copy of the content is accompanied by the declaration of rights of the author or any other attribute, if it exists, related with its content. The User is not authorized to copy or use any type of software or process that are property of Architecture Hunter of any other technology materialized in this Platform. Nonetheless, the User may impress any excerpt of material contained in this Platform, provided that such material is not altered in any way, be it for personal use and no commercial, contemplating the indication of the source of the author’s rights owner, and provided that another indication of property is not removed.


11. Prohibited usage


Beyond other prohibitions contained in these Terms, the User is prohibited from using the Platform, Services and/or Contents to any illicit or not permitted ends, including, namely: (i) request third parties to execute or participate in any illicit activity; (ii) violate any legal or regulatory disposition; (iii) infringe or violate our intellectual property rights or intellectual property rights of third parties; (iv) harass, abuse, insult, defame, slander, denigrate, intimidate or discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, race, age, nationality or deficiency; (v) submit false or misleading information; (vi) send or transmit virus, worms or other typo of malicious code that may damage, contaminate or be otherwise used to affect the features or the operation of the Platform or the usage of the Services; (vii) collect or track back personal data of third parties; (viii) carry out acts such as spam, phish, pharm, pretext, spider, crawl, or scrape; (ix) to any other obscene or immoral ends or; (x) interfere or get around securities features of the Platform. We reserve the right to make cease the usage of the Platform and of the systems related in case of violation of any of the prohibited features.


12. Validity and termination


These Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy will be valid with no final term, initiating with the acceptance of the User, and it can be modified by Architecture Hunter or terminated unilaterally by any of the Parties at any time, without any onus, by a simple communication that shall be sent through e-mail.


13. General conditions


The User expressly authorizes Architecture Hunter to contact the User by all communication channel available, including electronic mail (e-mail), cell phone, message and others. The tolerance of eventual breach of the conditions of these Terms will not constitute novation of the obligations hereby established and will not prevent or inhibit the enforceability of such obligations at any time. The present Terms don’t establish any bond of company, power of attorney, grace, or work between Architecture Hunter and the User. On the hypothesis of declaration of nullity or unenforceable of any clause of these Terms, such nullity or unenforceability will not affect any other clauses contained here, which will remain in plain validity and effect. These Terms suppress any other agreements, verbal or written, previously kept between the parties.


14. Information of contact:


In case of any suggestion, doubt or problem regarding these Terms, the practices observed in the Platform, Services or any transactions related with the Platform, we appreciate your contact by the following means:


E-mail: [[email protected]]


15. Applicable law


These Terms are ruled and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Brazil and any and all disputes arising from these Terms that shall not be resolved amicably between the parties will be submitted to the Court of São Paulo, State of São Paulo.