This group is a celebration of the visionary and the unconstructed, highlighting projects that, though not realized, embody exceptional innovation and creativity in architecture and design. This is dedicated to showcasing projects that dare to imagine, push the boundaries of design, and offer glimpses into the potential futures of our built environments.


Eligibility: Unbuilt projects only.




We invite submissions of architectural concepts and designs yet to be constructed. This category seeks to showcase ideas that demonstrate transformative potential and innovative approaches within the architectural realm, offering visions of how we might inhabit the future.

Interior Design

This category is for visionary interior concepts and designs that have not reached the construction phase. We look for entries that display unparalleled creativity and innovation, proposing imaginative and forward-thinking approaches to interior spaces that set the stage for future trends.

Landscape & Urban Design

Submissions in this category should offer innovative visions for outdoor spaces, urban landscapes, parks, and public realms that have not been realized. We encourage entries that envision sustainable, vibrant, and livable futures for our cities and communities, showcasing designs that could redefine our interaction with urban and natural environments.

Student Project

Dedicated to unbuilt projects developed by students in architecture, design, and urban planning, this category celebrates the emerging talents and their fresh perspectives. It provides a platform for students to share their visionary ideas and contributions, highlighting the creativity and potential of the next generation of designers and planners.

Students submissions receive a 50% discount, adjusted according to the pricing tier active at the time of their registration.

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