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This group underscores the critical importance of environmental consciousness in the evolution of architecture and design. It is a clarion call to architects, designers, and planners to embrace innovative solutions that embody environmental responsibility, resource conservation, and sustainable development. We seek submissions of built projects that are benchmarks of sustainability, demonstrating how thoughtful design can lead to a more sustainable and resilient built environment, ensuring a prosperous planet for future generations.


Eligibility: Built projects only.



Architectural Design

This category showcases how architectural projects, through their design and construction, embody sustainable principles. It highlights built works that champion energy efficiency, utilize sustainable materials, employ passive design strategies, and implement eco-friendly building techniques, setting a standard for environmentally responsible architecture.

Landscape & Urban Design

Submissions in this category should illuminate built projects in landscape architecture and urban planning that exemplify sustainable innovation. We look for designs that foster ecological balance, enhance biodiversity, and contribute to the sustainability of urban and landscape spaces, paving the way for future sustainable development in our cities and communities.

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