The Image group is dedicated to capturing and expressing the essence of architecture and design through powerful visual narratives and artistic expression. It serves as a platform for photographers and visual artists to showcase their creativity, storytelling abilities, and unique perspectives on the beauty, innovation, and intricate details of architectural and design marvels.




Architectural Photography

We invite submissions that showcase the beauty of architectural forms, lines, textures, and spatial details through the lens. This category celebrates the artistry, craftsmanship, and visual impact of architectural design, emphasizing the photographer’s ability to capture the essence of buildings in their compositions.

Interiors Photography

This category focuses on visual narratives that reveal the harmony, ambiance, and design intricacies of interior spaces. Submissions should convey the atmosphere within residential, commercial, or institutional settings, highlighting the interplay of light, materials, and spatial arrangements.

Artistic Architecture Photography

Entries in this category should push the boundaries of conventional architectural photography, offering creative interpretations and innovative perspectives of architectural structures. We look for submissions that provide unique compositions and artistic expressions, challenging our perceptions and elevating the discourse around architectural imagery.


This category is for architectural concepts and designs brought to life through computer-generated imagery (CGI) that captivates and engages the viewer. Submissions should demonstrate exceptional creativity and technical skill, presenting photorealistic renderings that bring unrealized projects to visual fruition.

Note: The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in creating these renderings is strictly prohibited, ensuring authenticity and originality in each submission.

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