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Architecture embodies the pursuit of excellence in architectural practice, embracing groundbreaking projects that revolutionize concepts of space, utility, and aesthetics. This group honors outstanding achievements in architecture across diverse sectors, highlighting the innovative contributions of architects, designers, and creative professionals to the built environment.


Eligibility: Built projects only.




This category is dedicated to built environments designed for commercial use, including retail spaces, shopping centers, business hubs, and other venues that foster vibrant commercial interactions.

Institutional Facilities

Recognizing environments within cultural, educational, and governmental realms. This includes innovative designs for museums, libraries, educational institutions, and public buildings that serve societal and communal functions.

Hospitality & Hotel

Entries in this category focus on environments within the hospitality sector, such as hotels, resorts, restaurants, and bars. These projects excel in enhancing guest experiences through inviting and comprehensive design strategies.

Mixed-use Building

Celebrates structures that successfully merge multiple uses within a single architectural framework. These buildings exemplify architectural flexibility, blending residential, commercial, and other functions into a unified design.


This category highlights office environments that reflect modern architectural approaches to workplace design, emphasizing collaboration, employee well-being, and the integration of contemporary trends.


This category acknowledges the transformation and adaptive reuse of existing structures. Projects under this category demonstrate innovative conversions that inject new vitality into previously built spaces.

Residential & House

Focuses on residential projects that offer innovative solutions for comfortable and personalized living environments. This includes single-family homes, apartments, condominiums, and other residential structures, each showcasing unique approaches to domestic architecture.

Small Architecture

Features projects that, despite their compact scale, leave a substantial impact. This category includes small-scale buildings and unconventional architectural interventions that challenge the norms of size to achieve significant outcomes.

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