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Architecture Hunter has evolved into a significant force in the architectural world. Known for its innovative approach and technological adaptability, it has become a beacon for architects globally. Amanda Ferber, the mind behind the platform, shared her insights and aspirations for the platform, offering a glimpse into the future of architectural communication and education.

Architecture Hunter envisions to expand beyond its current pillars of inspiring, informing, and entertaining. The addition of an educational dimension is not just a dream, but a strategic plan set for the near future. This move aims to create a global architectural dialogue, sharing groundbreaking ideas and discoveries that might be the missing puzzle piece for an architect elsewhere. Architecture Hunter's commitment to a didactic approach in communication underlines the platform's dedication to nurturing a well-informed architectural community.

Since its inception, Architecture Hunter has embraced technology not just as a tool but as a natural extension of its mission. Amanda highlighted the platform's early adoption of Instagram for professional communication, well before it became a norm in the industry. The foresight to delve into Virtual Reality (VR) and explore the metaverse since 2019 demonstrates a proactive stance in leveraging new technologies. This organic interest in emerging tech tools signifies Architecture Hunter's agility in adapting and utilizing these advancements to enhance architectural discourse.

Amanda's personal drive resonates deeply with the core mission of Architecture Hunter. Her belief in architecture's power and responsibility to impact lives is the cornerstone of the platform's ethos. From its humble beginnings as a personal reference folder during Amanda's student days, Architecture Hunter has always been driven by a genuine desire to share and celebrate architectural works globally. This authenticity has remained a constant, shaping the platform's essence and guiding its evolution.

Architecture Hunter is a blend of passion, foresight, and adaptability. The teams vision for an educational expansion, combined with a keen eye for technological trends, sets a dynamic course for the platform. At its heart, Architecture Hunter remains true to its founding principle: to share and enlighten the world with architectural marvels. As it embraces new dimensions and tools, the platform is poised to redefine how architecture is communicated and understood in the digital era.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter
_narration by Fernando Siqueira

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