We Coffee Vila Nova Conceição: Architectural harmony of form, function, and community.

Sketches made with Morpholio Trace:

_project: We Coffee Vila Nova Conceição
_architecture: Pitá Arquitetura
_engineering: Hauz
_location: São Paulo, Brazil

The intersection of minimalism and functionality in architecture often leads to spaces that transcend mere aesthetics, creating environments that resonate with users on a deeper level. This philosophy is vividly exemplified in the We Coffee project by Pitá Arquitetura, a beacon of minimalist design in the urban tapestry. Delving into this project through an insightful interview with the architect, we uncover the intricate thought process that shaped its creation and its impact on both the consumer experience and the surrounding urban context.

The central concept of We Coffee centers on highlighting the products. As articulated by the architect, the architecture is intentionally crafted to enhance the space's experience, making the products the star of the show. This approach is brought to life through the predominant use of white, with volumetry and textures playing crucial roles in balancing the space's aesthetic and functional aspects. This minimalist palette isn't merely a style choice but a strategic decision to keep the products in the limelight, ensuring that the architecture complements rather than competes with them.

Continuing with this minimalist theme, the choice of white as the dominant color in the We Coffee project is deeply intertwined with the brand's identity. The architect highlights that while white is a fundamental aspect of the brand, the real challenge was in transforming this color into a dynamic element of the space. By focusing on volume and texture, the design team was able to create an environment that is both visually stimulating and subtly sophisticated, enhancing the overall customer experience without detracting from the products.

The initial brief for We Coffee was refreshingly open, with the primary requirement being the incorporation of the color white and an emphasis on the products. This brief presented an exciting challenge for the architects: to create a space that is architecturally striking, yet never overshadows the items it is designed to showcase. This delicate balance was achieved through innovative design solutions that blend seamlessly with the brand's ethos.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the We Coffee project is its integration into the urban fabric and its commitment to community engagement. A standout feature is the open garden that faces the street, creating an inviting space for both pets and people. This area, accessible throughout the day, is more than just an extension of the café; it's a nod to 'gentle architecture' - a concept that prioritizes inclusivity and community interaction. Such design choices not only enhance the customer's experience but also contribute positively to the local neighborhood's ambiance.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter
_cover image by Manuel Sá

_drawings by Pitá Arquitetura

1. Ground Floor Plan

2. First Floor Plan

3. Second Floor Plan

4. Seats Axonometric Plan

5. Hall Axonometric Plan

6. Seats Axonometric Plan

7. Entrance Axonometric Plan

8. Garden Axonometric Plan

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