Vilaboim Apartment: A project that marries function with modern Brazilian design.

_project: Vilaboim Apartment
_architecture: FGMF Architects
_location: São Paulo, Brazil

Villaboim Apartment is a project that marries function with modern Brazilian design. Nestled in Higienópolis, within a historic 1969 building, the apartment has been reimagined under the careful guidance of FGMF. The owners sought an open space concept that would maximise their approximately 600m2 living area and emphasise the stunning view of Buenos Aires Park upon entry.

A crucial decision in the apartment's transformation was the elimination of the original entrance hall and the removal of various walls. This change led to a spacious and integrated living room, kitchen, and dining area with a breathtaking vista. The owners explained, "The idea was always to have as open an apartment as possible. Removing the hall had a direct impact on the park view as soon as we enter the apartment."

One key feature of the design is the central "core," which the owners describe as a "large wall full of curves," serving as bookshelves, a wine cellar, a bar, and more. This core is a multifunctional hub, linking the apartment's rooms and offering ample storage and decorative spaces.

The apartment's design not only celebrates functionality but also champions the essence of Brazilian design. As the owners noted, they stressed to FGMF the importance of Brazilian design being as comprehensive as possible in their home. This commitment extends to specific requirements, such as a comfortable space for the family's piano, which has been integrated into the overall layout.

The choice of materials used, such as basalt and green patinated copper, was a conscious decision to ensure the apartment's longevity and ease of maintenance. According to the owners, these materials lend an enduring, serene, and elegant aura to the apartment. They noted, "The combination of these two elements gave a perennial feel to the apartment, which will apparently remain serene and elegant for a long time."

Moreover, the apartment's design facilitates easy layout changes, rendering it timeless. While the owners haven't utilized this feature yet, it speaks to the apartment's ability to adapt to evolving needs and preferences.

The result of this project is an integrated, fluid space that captures the spirit of Brazilian design and functionality. Villaboim Apartment embodies the beauty of a timeless home that can adapt and age gracefully, just like the marvellous building it resides in.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter
_cover image by Fran Parente 

_drawings by FGMF Architects

1. Floor Plan

2. Axonometric

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