The Village House: A Testament to Harmonious Living.

_project: The Village House
_architecture: Craft Narrative
_location: Maharasahtra, India

The essence of harmonious architecture shines in projects that blend with their natural surroundings, embodying a symbiotic relationship between design and environment. The Village House, situated on a farm's periphery in a quaint village, is the perfect example of this harmony.

In an interview, the architect shared the genesis of The Village House, emphasizing the profound influence of local culture and environment on the design approach. The house's proximity to a cow shed and a pomegranate farm, along with an open layout towards the east, provide picturesque vistas and a sense of openness. A central feature is the traditional courtyard design reimagined around an existing Mango tree, symbolizing growth and harmony, and providing a serene atmosphere.

Accommodating two brothers and their families, the design fosters communal living in a spacious double-height living area, while ensuring private spaces. A unique 'window as a room' concept, as detailed by the architect, enhances connection with the outdoors, offering versatile spaces for different daily activities.

Material selection reflects simplicity and functionality. Whitewashed exteriors, local stone flooring, and other elements mirror the client’s needs and strengthen the bond between the dwelling and the mango tree.

Reflecting on the project, the architect underscores the value of inclusivity in design and the importance of nature in enhancing architectural narratives. The Village House in Yavat, Maharashtra, serves as a profound exemplar of harmonious living, informing and influencing the architect's subsequent work, and celebrating the symbiotic relationship between architectural forms and nature.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Sohaib Ilyas
_film curatorship by Architecture Hunter
_cover image by Sohaib Ilyas
_drawings by Craft Narrative:

1. Section

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5. Ground Floor Plan

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