A reflection of a company's commitment towards sustainable construction and design.

_project: Suvinil Installation at Haus Decor Show
_architecture: Ohtake Arquitetura e Design
_location: Haus Decor Show 2023, São Paulo, Brazil

Suvinil is a company specialized in producing decorative paints and coatings that has been recognized for its sustainable practices in the industry. They have been implementing sustainability measures in their production processes, product design, and packaging, and the company has also been promoting sustainable construction and design through their events and partnerships.

The Suvinil stand at Haus Decor was a reflection of the company's commitment towards sustainable construction and design. Karin Rodrigues, who audited the project, was impressed by the openness of Suvinil to try a new way of doing events with less environmental impact. She observed the materials and ways of reusing and recycling to generate minimal waste-type disposal. Karin is a consultant and specialist in communication for sustainability, and also the creator of the socio-environmental platform "Por Favor Menos Lixo". Her mission of encouraging people to make ecological transitions, based on a paradigm shift regarding the waste we produce was a perfect fit for the challenge with Suvinil.

The entire stand was designed to be reused and recycled, which is innovative. For Karin, the non-use of adhesives to cover walls and floors and the reusable walls made of translucent fabric were some of the standout sustainability features. The floor was covered with clay, whose raw material was already reused, and it was removed piece by piece to be returned to the supplier, crushed, and recycled into floors for sale. All these choices demonstrate that it is possible to combine sustainability with architecture and design to have less impact on the environment.

Karin believes that Suvinil's sustainability strategies can serve as an example for other companies in the construction industry. For her, sustainability must be a pillar and part of the actions inside and outside the company. Suvinil's project involved planning, hiring specialists, searching for suppliers, and a commitment to low environmental impact.

Looking ahead, Karin sees sustainability as an essential aspect of the construction industry in the next decade. She emphasized the need for investment in technologies and research for new materials from waste recycling. Natural resources have been exploited for years, leading to irreversible impacts on biomes, water sources, and a balanced climate for everyone. Waste in the construction industry is also high. It's crucial to think about the circularity of things, and new ways of designing and building so that everything is reused as much as possible. Industries and companies must be willing to invest in new recycled materials and adopt responsible practices to achieve sustainable construction.

Karin's audit of the project highlighted the innovative features and the need for sustainability to be a pillar in the construction industry. Suvinil's commitment to low environmental impact serves as an inspiration for other companies to adopt sustainable practices and contribute to a greener future.


_written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter
_drawings by Ohtake Arquitetura e Design:

  1. Stand Sketch
  2. Stand Section Sketch
  3. Shape Studies

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