Suvinil: colorful stand at Expo Revestir illuminates the future of architecture.

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_project: Suvinil's booth at Expo Revestir 2024
_architecture: Rodrigo Ohtake
_location: São Paulo, Brazil

Color wields an undeniable influence in architecture, acting not just as a decorative element but as a vital component that shapes spaces, influences mood, and defines the character of buildings. Its importance can't be overstated, as it breathes life into structures, subtly guiding the emotional and psychological responses of those who interact with these spaces. As architects and designers increasingly recognize the power of color to create and transform, the exploration of its potential takes center stage in design discussions and exhibitions worldwide.

This was vividly presented at Expo Revestir by Suvinil, a brand renowned for its innovative approach to color in architectural spaces. Through an engaging and immersive stand, Suvinil offered a profound insight into the dynamic world of color, pushing the boundaries of traditional design thinking. "We always strive to work closely with professionals, through lectures and events, to encourage the use of color. We often choose and partner with professionals who utilize color as a resource for their projects," they explained. The collaboration with Ohtake, an office celebrated for its vibrant use of color, underscores Suvinil's commitment to showcasing the versatility and impact of color in design.

Visitors to the stand were captivated by the interactive experiences, particularly the chromatic circle tunnel, which allowed for an immersive engagement with color. "People were genuinely impacted by the way we presented colors, breaking away from the stereotypical views of the chromatic circle and introducing a nuanced approach to color harmonization," shared the brand. This inventive presentation underscored the brand's vision of making color a central element in architectural and design practices.

Looking ahead, Suvinil is optimistic about the evolving role of color in architecture and decoration. Anticipating a shift towards designs that evoke memories and emotions through color, the brand highlights an emerging trend towards brighter, more vivid hues. "We believe in bringing back the vivid memories of colorful family homes into modern spaces, encouraging a departure from neutral tones towards more expressive color choices," they remarked. With an eye on future trends, Suvinil also points to the growing interest in texture and tactile experiences, suggesting a comprehensive approach that combines color with materiality to create spaces of comfort and warmth.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter
_cover and image scroll courtesy of Suvinil

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