An architectural masterpiece that highlights the importance of design and layout in fostering family relationships.

_project: Studio NaMata
_architecture: Janaína Araújo Arquitetura e Interiores
_location: Minas Gerais, Brazil

The design and layout of a house project can have a significant impact on the relationships and interactions between family members. A poorly planned or segmented space can create a sense of separation and disconnection, while a well-designed space can foster communication, connection, and a sense of togetherness. This is where the importance of architecture lies, and the architect Janaína Araújo understands this well.

Studio Namata, a contemporary architectural project located in the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte, is a perfect example of the architect's signature style that blends modern architectural techniques with traditional Brazilian design elements. With a compact footprint, the two-story building is beautifully integrated into the surrounding natural environment. The exterior features clean lines and a minimalist design, while the interior is spacious and functional, boasting a blend of natural materials such as wood, stone, and concrete.

For Janaína, architecture is a portrait of time, reflecting the process of social, economic, and political development that leads to the formation of family relationships. She believes that today's lifestyle emphasizes intimacy and values the gastronomic core, resulting in larger gatherings for meals. As a result, the dining room is no longer a segregated space, but integrated into the kitchen and living room. Integration is the watchword of our time, and Studio Namata was designed to reflect this.

One of the most striking features of the Studio Namata is its use of natural light, flooding the interior through large windows on both floors. The use of glass walls and sliding doors further enhances the connection between the interior and exterior of the building, creating a seamless transition between the two.

During our conversation, Janaína revealed her desire to create a place of experiences, and to do so, she sought inspiration in her origins. She discovered that the meaning of living is a set of many things - sensations, objects, nature - such as the wind, shadows, leaves falling to the ground, textures, smells, and subtleties. It was with this in mind that she created Studio Namata, where elegance is found in simplicity.

Studio Namata is an architectural masterpiece that highlights the importance of design and layout in fostering family relationships. Janaína Araújo's attention to detail and emphasis on integration and simplicity is a perfect representation of the changing times we live in, where family gatherings and experiences are at the forefront of our lifestyle.


_written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_cover image: Henrique Queiroga
_film by NY18 + Architecture Hunter
_drawings by Janaína Araújo Arquitetura e Interiores:

  1. Lower Floor Plan
  2. Section 1
  3. Section 2
  4. Section 3
  5. Section 4

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