Sky-Frame’s Headquarters: Blurring boundaries.

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_project: Sky-Frame's Headquarters 
_architecture: Peter Kunz
_location: Frauenfeld, Switzerland 

Sky-Frame, a Swiss company renowned for its innovative sliding window systems, just a few years ago moved to its headquarters in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, designed by Peter Kunz. The new headquarters, covering over 15,000 square meters, is not just an office space but a manifestation of Sky-Frame's philosophy and a hub for continued expansion and innovation.

Peter Kunz design is a symbolic representation of Sky-Frame's company philosophy, focusing on creating a space that eliminates the borders between indoors and outdoors. This concept aligns with the company's ethos, emphasizing spacious, high-quality workspaces flooded with natural light and fostering a connection to the outdoors. The design eschews hierarchies by placing office space and manufacturing space on the same level, reflecting an integrated approach to workspace design.

The architectural challenges faced in designing the Sky-Frame headquarters were unique. The building needed to represent Sky-Frame's brand while housing an upgraded manufacturing line. The facility, designed by Peter, is not only visually striking but also highly efficient and automated. The manufacturing process begins with glass, manufactured off-site and treated for strength and thermal insulation. Sky-Frame's products, including its doors and windows, are known for their quality and innovation, featuring single, double, or triple glazing, tailored to customer requirements. The factory's design reflects these qualities, with its sleek, cool interiors and a dramatic exterior.

The Frauenfeld headquarters is a testament to the company growth, serving as a base for large-scale projects and reflecting the company's dedication to innovation and quality. The new facility represents a significant milestone in Sky-Frame's journey, from a small firm to a rapidly growing company with a strong international reputation.

This new headquarters in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, is more than just a building; it's a physical embodiment of Sky-Frame's commitment to quality, innovation, and the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces. The design by Peter Kunz highlight the architectural challenges and triumphs in creating a space that not only serves functional purposes but also represents the company's identity and philosophy.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter
_photography direction: Michael Bichel
_camera assistant: Laura Pavarini
_cover image by Claudia Luperto

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