Six Square House: Bridging the Private and Public.

Presented by Duratherm
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_project: Six Square House
_architecture: Young Projects
_location: Bridgehampton, United States

The fusion of private and public realms within architectural design reflects evolving societal structures and individual necessities, a concept brought to life by the Six Square House by Young Projects. This venture gracefully melds residential and gallery spaces, reshaping the interplay between inhabitants and visitors, and advancing discussions on the mutable boundaries of private and public spheres within urban settings. A notable feature of this project is its intricate woodwork, masterfully executed in collaboration with Duratherm, a renowned window company. Their expertise in wood craftsmanship is evident in the project’s fine detailing, adding warmth and texture to the spaces.

Initially, the Six Square House didn't aim to integrate a gallery within its residential framework. Yet, its central siting and resultant spatial flexibility transformed it into a versatile dual-purpose space. As noted by architect Bryan Young, a "loop" of interconnected spaces around a triangular courtyard facilitates its function as both a residence and a gallery, thanks to a non-hierarchical spatial design.

The project marks a unique intersection between living quarters and gallery space, enriching interactions between residents and gallery-goers. Though interactions have been mostly separate due to timing and meticulous curation, the design's architectural elements significantly impact these interactions. The variety in spatial scales and curated installations create a conducive environment for art viewing and a comfortable residential setting post-visit.

The fluid boundaries within the Six Square House challenge traditional private and public domain demarcations. This fluidity transforms the experiences of both residents and visitors, with robust boundaries separating intimate residential spaces from the main gallery areas, yet a structural continuity ensuring a sense of completeness and adjacency. The wood elements contribute to this sense of continuity, offering both visual and tactile transitions between spaces.

The Six Square House ignites a broader dialogue in architectural circles about the evolving dynamics of private and public spaces, especially in urban environments. Its ability to host large social gatherings despite its modest size underscores the potential of flexible, interconnected spaces in fostering diverse scales of use, unveiling a remarkable economy of scale and adaptability, and opening avenues for further architectural explorations.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter
_cover image by Alan Tansey

_drawings by Young Projects

1. Site Plan

2. Floor Plan

3. Elevation

4. Elevation

5. Elevation

6. Elevation

7. Site Plan

8. Exploded Axonometric

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