The project captures the essence of the Brazilian hinterland.

Presented by Portinari

_project: SERtao Portinari NJ+
_architecture: Nildo José | NJ+ Arquitetura
_fireplace: Construflama
_location: Casacor SP 2022, São Paulo, Brazil

SERtao Portinari, designed by architect Nildo José, is a charming project that beautifully translates the symbology of the Brazilian hinterland into a captivating space. In an exclusive interview, Nildo José shares his insights on the main challenges he faced, the influence of Candido Portinari's work, and the remarkable reception from the public.

One of the main challenges that Nildo José encountered was breaking away from the expected stereotypes associated with hinterland. In his words, "the great challenge was to escape the expected stereotype and what was presented in hinterland until then, with drought and hunger. The idea was to present a hinterland with rain, where the focus would be on the abundance and natural beauty of the region."

Balancing the influence of Candido Portinari's work with his own architectural vision was another critical aspect of the project. From Portinari's iconic painting of the cangaceiro, José extracted a palette of colors and textures that would serve as a foundation for the design. This delicate balance between paying homage to Portinari's artistry while infusing his own architectural vision created a harmonious integration of the two.

The reception of the public towards the interpretation of sertaneja symbology in the Casacor Special: SERtao Portinari project was overwhelmingly positive. Visitors were deeply moved and emotional upon experiencing the space. The novel perspective of presenting the hinterland from a new point of view resonated with the audience. José expressed his delight, saying, "People got emotional, and it was beautiful to see that! We present a hinterland from a new point of view. There was a mapped projection, which made it rain in space to the sound of Northeastern prayers. This poetry moved the visitors!"

SERtao Portinari stands as a testament to Nildo José's exceptional talent in merging architecture, art, and cultural symbolism. By successfully overcoming the challenges of reimagining the sertaneja symbology and integrating Portinari's influences, José has created a space that not only captivates the senses but also evokes a deep emotional connection with the beauty and spirit of the hinterland. Through his vision, visitors are transported to a realm where the abundant rain nourishes the land and the vibrant culture of the hinterland thrives.


_written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter
_cover image by Denilson Machado
_drawings by NJ+:

  1. Floor Plan
  2. Section 1:100 I
  3. Section 1:100 II
  4. Section 1:100 III
  5. Section 1:100 IV
  6. Section 1:100 V

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