Fusion and Innovation: Roca at Expo Revestir 2024.

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_project: Roca's booth at Expo Revestir 2024
_location: São Paulo, Brazil

In the vibrant atmosphere of Expo Revestir 2024, the foremost event for architecture and design in Latin America, Roca made a lasting impression with its stand, showcasing a clear representation of how global design principles are integrated into the local context. This year, with the concept of 'The light of Mediterranean Design,' Roca captivated the audience by unveiling its new collections at the event held in São Paulo, Brazil.

Among these, the Tura collection, designed by Andreu Carulla and in collaboration with Roca, brings to life a play of volumes and voids, light and shadows, creating a symphony of robustness and harmony. The name 'Tura' itself, derived from the final syllables of both 'arquitectura' and 'cultura,' reflects the collection's deep roots in Barcelona's iconic architecture and the city's vibrant culture. Inspired by his childhood memories of the Costa Brava, Carulla chose materials, shapes, and colors that reflect the Spanish region, offering a piece of Mediterranean serenity.

The global collection Nu, crafted by Studio Inma Bermúdez, by designer Inma Bermúdez and architect Moritz Krefter, also made its debut. This collection merges the playful essence of color with groundbreaking design, challenging norms with its unique mechanisms and vibrant color palette. Drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean, the Nu collection introduces a refreshing deviation from traditional bathroom aesthetics, emphasizing Roca's dedication to innovation and design refinement.

Additionally, Roca presented an extension of the Ohtake collection, now featuring Rodrigo Ohtake's designs that honor his father, Ruy Ohtake's original works. These designs, inspired by the elegance and simplicity of the calla lily, show a profound appreciation for natural shapes, introducing a new take on geometry and forms.

Roca's exhibit at Expo Revestir 2024 transcends a mere showcase of advanced design; it represents the brand's philosophy of marrying tradition with innovation, and merging global influences with local flavors. By introducing Mediterranean vitality to Brazil through the Tura and Nu collections and continuing the legacy of the Ohtake line, Roca not only exhibits its expertise in design and sustainability but also underscores the valuable exchange between cultures, a cornerstone to achieving architectural and design excellence in today's globalized world.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter
_cover and image scroll by Gisele Rampazzo

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