Piauí Apartment: space, existing architecture, and human sensibilities seamlessly fused together.

_project: Piauí Apartment
_architecture: Superlimão
_location: São Paulo, Brazil

The Piauí Apartment, designed by Superlimão, serves as an eloquent example of how space, existing architecture, and human sensibilities can be seamlessly fused together. Located in a 1970s building, this residential project masterfully negotiates between the structural and stylistic constraints of the existing edifice and the distinctive needs and tastes of its occupants. Inaiá Botura, an architect at Superlimão, sheds light on the project's core elements.

Addressing the challenges of blending diverse spaces while preserving original elements of the building, Inaiá explained, "Upon initial surveying, we scrutinized the floor plans and identified critical points for structural inspection. It was during these inspections that we discovered original concrete structures and solid brick walls, which then became integral to our design approach." The project grappled with specific structural issues like creating two main bookshelves that had to bear significant weight. "Engineering teams meticulously analyzed the plans to ensure there was no overload on the existing slab," she added.

The collaborative process with the residents was also pivotal. "Our clients have a deep appreciation for art, design, and architecture. They were very engaged in selecting furnishings, finishes, and overall project definitions," Inaiá noted. The four suites, each embodying the identity of a family member, and the common spaces were designed to balance individual preferences—ranging from rustic to minimalist finishes. "The final layer of personalization was achieved by incorporating existing art pieces and objects, encapsulating the essence of the family," she said.

Inaiá emphasized the latitude given by the residents in design choices. "They had some premises for colors and materials—like exploring the existing travertine marble and restoring the wooden flooring. The kitchen's green and the terracotta sofa in the home theater were other personal favorites that seamlessly got incorporated."

Ultimately, the aim was to go beyond mere functionality. "We strived for an emotional and sensorial uniqueness through a careful blend of art, colors, and design. Residential projects offer a unique storytelling opportunity," she expressed. The end result is not just aesthetically fulfilling but also instills a deep sense of belonging among the occupants.

The emotional impact they hoped to achieve, Inaiá concluded, "It's about creating an atmosphere that not only meets the family's practical needs but also mirrors their personality, offering a profound feeling of belonging."

Through this multifaceted approach, Superlimão's Apartment Piauí becomes more than a living space—it becomes a narrative of individuality, collaboration, and architectural ingenuity.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter
_cover image by Maira Acayaba
_drawings by Superlimão:

  1. Floor Plan
  2. Diagram

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