Paulista Apartment: Remodeling the heart of São Paulo.

Sketches made with Morpholio Trace:

_project: Paulista Apartment 
_architecture: Melina Romano
_location: São Paulo, Brazil

In the bustling metropolis of São Paulo, Avenida Paulista stands as an iconic symbol, representing both the city's dynamic spirit and its architectural splendor. Architect Melina Romano took on the challenge of remodelling an apartment in this emblematic location, transforming it into a space that resonates with her family's needs and personalities.

The journey of remodeling one's own home is profoundly personal, and Melina faced unique challenges in tailoring the apartment's old layout to her family's current lifestyle. In an interview, Melina shared that the primary challenge laid in updating the segmented layout of the apartment to a more integrated living space, which drastically impacted its overall atmosphere.

Incorporating personal and family elements into the apartment's design was crucial for Melina. She believes that a home should narrate the residents' stories and reflect their personalities. The blend of her inclination towards natural textures and fabrics with her husband's penchant for more eccentric art resulted in a unique aesthetic that defines the apartment. The couple's diverse personalities are harmoniously displayed through art pieces, the rusticity of exposed beams and columns, and the use of darker wood to add character. This combination of warmth and personality has created a space that is neither entirely hers nor his but a true representation of their family as a whole. The children's presence is also subtly integrated throughout the apartment, adding to its unique character.

The choice of Avenida Paulista as the location for their home was more than just a preference for a physical space; it was a deliberate decision to embrace a lifestyle that enables them to experience the city's heart more intimately. This choice is reflected in the apartment's design, which emphasizes essential features and spacious living areas, considering the practicalities of family life.

Melina Romano's approach to the remodelling of her apartment shows us that personal narratives and lifestyle choices can profoundly influence architectural and interior design. Her ability to harmonize diverse elements within a historic and bustling urban setting demonstrates the transformative power of architecture in shaping not just spaces, but the lives of those who inhabit them.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter
_cover image by Denilson Machado | MCA

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