MW House: Shaped by contemporary art and unique design philosophy.

_project: MW House
_architecture: Jorge Garibay Barajas
_location: Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico

Architect Jorge Garibay's MW House in Queretaro, Mexico, is a unique architectural piece that subtly subverts the traditional home design philosophy. The house, instead of following the norm of a form accommodating the family's needs, is shaped by the needs of the resident's extensive contemporary art and design collection. The 10-meter cantilever design serves as a focal point, initiating the collection and visually compelling the family to mold their lifestyle around the architecture.

The homeowner, an introverted art lover, chose not to have exterior windows, both to preserve artworks from Queretaro's harsh sun and to create an introspective space that celebrates their passion for art, sharing it only with friends and family. This innovative design principle leads to an unconventional and intensely private living environment.

The house is divided into two halves, bridged by a minimalist indoor courtyard adorned with olive trees. This "glue" not only forms a beautiful vista but also ties together the dwelling's unique layout, contributing to the overall indoor living experience.

However, it is the ground-floor bathroom that captures the essence of the MW House. Akin to the cantilever, the room seems to float, with a glass floor emulating the sensation of space. This intimate and exceptional feature encapsulates the daring aesthetic and experiential philosophy of this one-of-a-kind dwelling.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter & Mavix
_cover image by Alejandra Urquiza
_drawings by Jorge Garibay Barajas:

  1. Ground Floor Plan
  2. Upper Floor Plan
  3. Attic Floor Plan
  4. South & East Façade
  5. North Façade & Longitudinal Section CL-01
  6. Longitudinal Section CL-02 & Longitudinal Section CL-03
  7. Transverse Section CT-01 & Tranverse Section CT-02

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