Maria & José House: Architectural poetry in emotion and functionality by Sergio Sampaio Arquitetura.

_project: Maria & José House
_architecture: Sergio Sampaio Arquitetura
_location: Itu, São Paulo, Brazil

The Maria & José House, a representation of architecture meets emotion, was conceptualized and executed by Sergio Sampaio Arquitetura. Designed for the architect's own parents, this project is a testament to the profound intersection of personal sentiment and professional expertise. According to Sergio, the project wasn't merely about constructing a house but, rather, materializing a symbolic "last act" of his father's love for his mother, making it a monument of unpretentious beauty forged from simple materials.

The design of the Maria & José House deeply embodies the affective influence of its creator. The use of natural light and its reflections pervade the internal spaces, invoking a poetic ambiance at every corner. The central patio, considered the soul of the house, presents a dynamic play of light and shadow that further enriches the peaceful and reflective atmosphere. To Sergio, his architecture serving as the backdrop for his father's reflective moments added profound meaning to his work.

In designing the house, functionality and specific needs of his elderly parents were paramount. With this in mind, key living spaces were designed on the same level, an elevator and a ramp were integrated for easier vertical circulation, and safety bars were installed in wet areas. The doorways were generously designed for wheelchair access. Notably, the pool was designed to "enter" the interior of the house, completely integrating with the social and leisure areas, making it accessible to all users regardless of physical condition or age group.

One particular feature of the Maria & José House is the fully integrated pool, a design element cherished by Sergio's father who found profound joy in contemplating the sky and trees surrounding the building. Seeing a bird enjoying a bath on the wet edges of the pool would instantly remind Sergio of his father. Thus, the design of Maria & José House has become more than just a physical structure; it's a heartwarming tribute to parental love, carrying with it emotional reminiscence that ties Sergio and his parents together. 


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter 
_cover image by Leonardo Finotti

_drawings by Sergio Sampaio Arquitetura

1. Underground Floor Plan

2. Ground Floor Plan

3. Elevation

4. A-A Section

5. B-B Section 

6. Section Perspective 

7. Foundation

8. Axonometric

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