Lake House: A tapestry of nature, harmony, and enduring bonds.

_project: Lake House
_architecture: Felipe Caboclo
_location: São Paulo, Brazil

The Lake House, is a work of architectural art nestled in a picturesque condominium, designed by Felipe Caboclo. As expressed by the resident during our interview, the unique experiences and sensations accompanying life at the Lake House are life-changing. The house's design, with its perfect integration of spaces, ability to create multiple scenarios, and welcoming atmosphere, fosters a delightful interplay between nature, sport, and community living.

Designed for co-living, the Lake House offers a rich tapestry of shared and private spaces. Its open-plan design allows spaces to be connected or separated depending on the occasion, offering privacy for those seeking solitude or engrossed in individual activities. Yet, it reaches its pinnacle when a diverse range of activities overlap, such as adults enjoying a drink in the pool, cooking or grilling enthusiasts preparing a meal, or wine lovers partaking in a tasting, all enveloped by an incredible green vista, an inviting pool, and a uniquely warm firepit that sets the stage for sunset lounging, cigar smoking, and cognac savoring.

The Lake House exudes a personality that derives from its distinctive design features. Its predominant materials - wood, stone, burnt cement, and iron - combine modernity with comfort, rendering the space pleasing at all times. The house's integration with the surrounding nature and its landscape creates an extraordinary sense of lightness, befitting a weekend retreat. The residents particularly relish the alluring corridor with views during the day and night, as well as the large windows showcasing different illuminated fruit trees, which heighten the living experience.

Felipe Caboclo’s design for the Lake House also fosters community interaction among its inhabitants. Cozy spaces like the living room with a lit fireplace are ideal for intimate moments, while the imposing cantilevered terrace provides a perfect backdrop for larger events and parties with live music. The house has seamlessly accommodated various gatherings and gastronomic events, ranging from traditional Japanese cuisine with sake tasting to paella and wine days. As the resident passionately shared, the Lake House is where their children are growing into teenagers, close to their parents and grandparents, creating an enduring familial bond that they hope will last for a long time. This testament to Caboclo’s skill and the Lake House’s timeless appeal encapsulates the magic of the project.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter
_cover image by Leonardo Finotti

_drawings by Felipe Caboclo

1. Floor Plan

2. Section

3. Section

4. Front Elevation

5. Elevation

6. Exploded Axonometric

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