Jurumirim House: modern comforts and aesthetic sophistication.

_project: Jurumirim House
_architecture: Sergio Sampaio Arch & Tectônica 
_location: Itaí, São Paulo, Brazil

Jurumirim House, designed by architect Sergio Sampaio, is a modern residential located in Itaí, São Paulo. The house stands out as an elegant fusion of contemporary architecture and traditional materials, effectively blurring the line between interior and exterior, human and nature. While this design includes many remarkable features, three elements stand out as particularly transformative: the internal "praça," the view of the Jurumirim reservoir, and the extensive use of wood.

The internal "praça" or square, functions as a transitional space, linking the different areas of the house. The owner notes that this central space was designed to "isolate the sleeping area from the social area of the house," providing tranquility for those who wish to rest. Far from being just a corridor, this "praça" serves as the home's heartbeat, uniting its internal circulation. Its open design exposes it to the natural elements, inviting residents to pause and breathe in the fresh air, absorb the fragrance of the flowers, and feel the breeze—all without actually leaving the home.

Another pivotal feature is the home's expansive view of the Jurumirim reservoir. According to the owner, the reservoir is the "vital point of the house." The design masterfully frames this natural water body, even creating the illusion that the swimming pool and reservoir are one continuous body of water. This uninterrupted view offers a dynamic experience, with the reservoir’s varying colors, reflections, and wave patterns providing a sense of tranquility similar to being on the coast.

Lastly, wood plays an invaluable role in the project. From the structural framework to the laminated pergolas, the wooden elements impart a sense of warmth and thermal comfort. The owner believes that the material, although employed in a modern design, harks back to more "traditional countryside constructions, mountain chalets, and barns," making it deeply coherent with the surrounding environment.

Jurumirim House is more than just a residence; it's an architectural experience. It brings people closer to nature while providing modern comforts and aesthetic sophistication. Whether it's the transitional square, the majestic view of the Jurumirim reservoir, or the comfort of wood, each element serves to deepen the human-nature connection, making the home a sanctuary of serenity and beauty.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter
_cover image by Leonardo Finotti
_drawings by Sergio Sampaio Arch & Tectônica

1. Site Plan - Location

2. Site Plan

3. Basement Floor Plan

4. Ground Floor Plan 

5. Sections

6. Elevations

7. Elevations

8. Diagram

9. Sunlight Diagram

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