João Panaggio’s Pavilion: Instinctual creativity and adaptive design.

_project: João Panaggio’s Pavilion
_architecture: João Panaggio
_location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

João Panaggio’s Pavilion, designed for CasaCor Rio 2023, is a testament to the power of instinctual creativity and adaptive design. Every year, CasaCor - a renowned architecture, interior, and landscaping design exhibition - hosts events across multiple cities, attracting a vast array of professionals from the design industry. This event showcases an extensive range of design ideologies, providing a stage for emerging and established designers to display their craft, engage with the public, and further enrich the architectural and design discourse.

The architect’s approach to the project is rooted in embracing the challenges that come with tight deadlines. "The project for CasaCor with its short timeframe allows us not to think too much, to follow our first creative instincts, which I almost always find to be the best," he says. This freedom to adapt and modify the design even while on-site is what enabled the construction of the pavilion in just 22 days, starting from the structural base.

The constraints of limited space and time are not lost on João. "Everything has to be ordered at the same time, everything has to be aligned, confirmed, measured, and executed simultaneously," he explains. This goes against the typical chronological order of construction projects in Brazil, requiring meticulous planning and multiple timelines to make it all possible.

Participation in high-intensity events like CasaCor has been instrumental in João's professional growth and the development of his architectural practice. "Since our first participation in 2022, we were able to express our architectural identity and language, gaining recognition as a young office," he notes. The event has allowed him to explore and mature his design language, focusing on large openings and the integration of spaces. "CasaCor is a stage for creation; it amplifies authentic ideas and stimulates a diversity of languages," João adds.

For him, the true joy of participating in CasaCor is the opportunity to experiment with the concept of Brazilian living. "We can dare, experiment, and rethink; all of this is materialized," he says. Beyond showcasing his own ideas, João hopes his work will inspire new architects and students to seek their own space in the architectural landscape. João Panaggio’s Pavilion, therefore, stands not just as a physical structure but as a manifestation of evolving architectural thought, a space where the boundaries of design are continually pushed and redefined.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter
_cover image by MCA Estúdio | Denilson Machado
_drawings by João Panaggio:

1. Plant - Situation

2. Blue Print

3. Cut - AA

4. Elevation

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