A stunning example of contemporary architecture synergizing with technological advancements.

_project: Joanópolis Residence
_architecture: Estúdio Saracura
_architect: Alessandra Müller
_location: São Paulo, Brazil

The Joanópolis Residence, designed by architect Alessandra Müller, stands as a stunning example of contemporary architecture synergizing with technological advancements. According to Alessandra, the primary inspiration was to make the house blend in with its surroundings. Emphasizing transparency, massive glass installations were utilized to achieve this desired harmonious integration.

Among the most noteworthy features of the Joanópolis Residence are its innovative technological aspects. The house is equipped with sophisticated automation systems that, as Alessandra explains, were born out of necessity due to the unique architectural concept. The building's separate volumes and the relative distances between them necessitated unconventional solutions, particularly in lighting.

However, the integration of these technologies wasn't without challenges. The open plan design with few walls, along with the choice of concrete as the primary material, demanded precise planning and infrastructure considerations. The unexpected factor - the core concept of the house - further complicated the process, as technologies not readily available in the country had to be sought. Nevertheless, the architect's creativity, coupled with a dedicated workforce that rose to the challenge, made the dream possible.

User experience in the Joanópolis Residence is significantly elevated due to the automation and technology embedded in the project. It's a testament to how advancements can seamlessly permeate everyday life, bringing a new level of comfort and efficiency.

Looking ahead, Alessandra envisions several exciting trends for the future of home architecture and technology. The focus will be on thermal and acoustic comfort, security, and aesthetic innovation allowed by newly developed materials. She emphasizes the limitless potential of construction techniques, robotics in labor, and artificial intelligence as problem-solving and improvement-propelling tools. As Alessandra wisely suggests, "the sky is the limit!"

With this project, Alessandra brilliantly showcases the captivating blend of architectural creativity and technological prowess. It encapsulates a future-forward approach that sets the stage for an exciting era in home design, a trend that Alessandra is keen to carry forward in her future projects.


_written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter
_cover image by Marcelo Kahn
_drawings by Estúdio Saracura:

  1. Room Volume Study
  2. Landscape Visualization
  3. Elevation Study
  4. Pool Study
  5. Curtain Color Palette Study
  6. Opening and Glass Position Study
  7. Underground Floor Plan
  8. Ground Floor Plan
  9. Section A
  10. Section B
  11. Section C
  12. Frontal Elevation
  13. Back Elevation
  14. Left Side Elevation
  15. Right Side Elevation
  16. Implantation

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