Jader Almeida's Office: A Journey from ephemeral designs to a multifaceted hub.

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_project: Jader Almeida's Office 
_architecture: Jader Almeida
_location: São Paulo, Brazil

Jader Almeida, an architect and designer renowned for his award-winning furniture designs, has continued to impress with his multifaceted approach to architecture and design. Over the years, Jader has been actively involved in various projects, notably in the realm of ephemeral architecture and diverse contract projects, including hotels, restaurants, museums, and shopping centers.

Up until 2022, Jader's base was in Florianópolis, with a smaller office in São Paulo. However, in 2023, a significant development took place with the opening of a new, larger, and more structured space in São Paulo, referred to as a hub. This new space is not just a change in location or direction for Jader's practice but an evolution that encapsulates the diverse undertakings already operated by the company. It integrates architecture with product development, marketing, a corporate university, and international departments, among others.

Throughout 2023, Jader and his brand have achieved significant milestones. Jader's new showroom in São Paulo, named "Little Wishes," represents over twenty years of unique product proposals. This showroom is a testament to his commitment to quality and originality, emphasizing the details and virtues of handmade products.

Jader's influence extends beyond Brazil. His brand's expansion in the Americas includes significant activities in Lima, Peru, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he introduced his elegant and inspiring creations to a wider audience. Furthermore, his flagship store in Belo Horizonte celebrated its second year with a new layout and showcased the latest products from his portfolio.

Jader's approach to design and architecture is grounded in a deep understanding of materials, forms, and the contemporary way of living. His work, which spans a variety of scales and contexts, is characterized by a timeless quality and a refusal to follow fleeting trends.

Jader Almeida's new office and hub in São Paulo represent a significant step in his ongoing journey as a multifaceted architect and designer. It's a space that not only serves as a physical expansion but also symbolizes the breadth and depth of his creative and professional endeavors.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter
_cover image by Felipe Araújo

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