An intermediate space controls the transition between the historic shell and the new dwelling.

Presented by Otiima

_project: House in Barreiro
_architecture: Aires Mateus
_windows: Otiima
_location: Barreiro, Portugal

House in Barreiro, a rehabilitation project for two old warehouses located in Portugal, was transformed into a single-family house by the architecture office Aires Mateus. The project showcases the architects' unique ability to transform warehouses into exceptional homes while respecting the existing structure and introducing contemporary elements. The interior of the house features contemporary living spaces that are flanked by courtyards, while the facades maintain a minimalist aesthetic. The project also includes some daring design elements such as a curved ceiling in the living room, a swimming pool, and a service bathroom.

According to Sara Nunes, Architect and Filmmaker who filmed House in Barreiro, the house is a special and unusual space. She was particularly impressed with the curved ceiling and the negative pool on the roof. The scale of the space was also much larger than she was expecting. Sara believes that architecture plays a crucial role in her work as a filmmaker, as it is always the main character in her films. She believes that architecture can be used to tell stories and can help to positively transform cities.

In an interview, Sara discussed her approach to filmmaking and her desire to showcase how architecture, construction, and design can respond to pressing issues such as pollution, global warming, population growth, resource scarcity, poverty, inequality, and war. She hopes to use her films as a laboratory of the future, where viewers can discover solutions to these problems through conversations and concrete projects.

House in Barreiro is a remarkable architectural work that exemplifies Aires Mateus's unique design approach. The project's fusion of contemporary and traditional elements, along with daring design features, makes it a fascinating space that showcases the potential of architecture to transform and enhance our lives. Sara's visit to House in Barreiro highlights the importance of architecture in storytelling and its potential to contribute positively to the transformation of cities.


_written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter & Building Pictures
_cover image: João Guimarães
_drawings by Aires Mateus:

  1. Ground Floor Plan
  2. First Floor Plan
  3. Section 1
  4. Section 2
  5. Section 3

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