The Holcim Awards Legacy.

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In architecture, awards hold the potential of shaping careers and driving innovation. They not only recognize excellence but also set benchmarks for quality and sustainability in design. Among these, the Holcim Awards stand out for their unique focus on sustainable construction.

Established in 2004 by the Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction, the Holcim Awards have evolved into a significant platform for acknowledging groundbreaking approaches in the building industry. Over six international cycles, they have conferred more than 320 prizes.

The Holcim Awards are not just about celebrating achievements; they are a catalyst for advancing sustainable development in the construction sector. The 2023 edition, held in Venice, showcased 20 winning projects that exemplified sustainable construction across diverse scales, budgets, geographies, and forms. The winning projects varied from adaptive reuse and material circularity to participatory design and cooperative business models, addressing critical challenges like energy management, community empowerment, and land use and restoration. The Venice ceremony not only celebrated these achievements but also served as a hub for dialogue and exchange among professionals committed to sustainable building practices.

Laura Viscovich, Executive Director of the Holcim Foundation, emphasized the common ambition of all winning projects to enhance community health, wellbeing, and prosperity. She praised the winners for embodying the Foundation’s goals for sustainable construction and encouraged them to use this global recognition to accelerate sustainable construction in their regions.

A key aspect of the Holcim Awards is their alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Awards encourage designs that are not only environmentally responsible but also socially and economically viable. This holistic approach is evident in the diverse range of projects recognized over the years, from innovative urban designs to practical solutions for rural communities.

The Holcim Foundation's goals and principles for sustainable construction emphasize the importance of creating uplifting places and thriving communities, fostering viable economics, and ensuring a healthy planet. These principles guide the evaluation of submissions, ensuring that the awarded projects contribute meaningfully to sustainable development.

The Holcim Awards have marked their place in the history of architecture awards by consistently highlighting the importance of sustainability. They inspire architects and builders to think beyond conventional boundaries and contribute to a future where humanity and ecosystems can regenerate and thrive. As the construction industry continues to evolve, the Holcim Awards will undoubtedly remain a beacon of innovation and sustainability.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter
_photography direction by Michael Bichel
_camera assistance by Laura Pavarini


- Xu Tiantian | DnA_Design and Architecture | Gold Prize

- Uriel Fogué | ELII | Gold Prize

- Camilo García | Husos | Gold Prize

- Jonathan Diamond | Well Grounded Real Estate | Gold Prize

- Juan Carlos Cano | CANO | VERA Arquitectura | Gold Prize

- Juergen Strohmayer | DeRoché Strohmayer | Gold Prize

- Glenn deRoché | DeRoché Strohmayer | Gold Prize

- Francesco Cingolani | Daniel & Nina Carasso Foundation | Gold Prize

- Mike Jobes | The Miller Hull Partnership | Silver Prize

- Iván Forgioni | FP Arquitectura | Silver Prize

- Joshua Bolchover | District Development Unit | Silver Prize

- Neil Davidson | J&L Gibbons | Silver Prize

- Zuhal Kol | Openact Architecture | Silver Prize

- Giovanni Cossu | National University of Singapore | Bronze Prize

- Moojin Park | Office ParkScheerbarth | Bronze Prize

- Carolina Rodas | Rama Estudio | Bronze Prize

- Akl Akl | Akl Architecture | Bronze Prize

- Devin Kleiner | Perkins & Will | Bronze Prize

- Rasha Torieh | BENAA Foundation | Acknowledgment Prize

- Roger Boltshauser | Boltshauser Architekten | Acknowledgment Prize

- Le Quang | Le Quang Architect (s) | Acknowledgement Prize

- Laura Urueña | Geographica Taller | Acknowledgment Prize 

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