GM Apartment: Redefining living with the harmony of practicality and architectural excellence.

_project: GM Apartment
_architecture: Priscilla Muller Arquitetura
_marble: NPK Mármores
_location: Curitiba, Brazil

Living in the GM Apartment, designed by Priscilla Muller Architecture, has been an exceptional experience for its residents. The project encapsulates the seamless fusion of practicality and architectural mastery. An embodiment of fine details and thoughtful design, the GM Apartment enriches the daily routines of its occupants. "It's a unique experience. At every moment, we feel the practicality of a masterfully executed project," shares the dweller, expressing the distinctiveness and functionality ingrained in every corner of the apartment.

The concept of a "suspended house" stands as a central pillar of the GM Apartment's design. Priscilla Muller's vision, in this regard, redefines the boundaries of conventional apartment living. "We have the practicality of an apartment with the convenience of a house. It's that simple!" expresses the resident, appreciating how the apartment harmoniously combines the convenience of a residential flat with the comfort of a standalone house. This innovative approach fuses the best aspects of both living conditions, thereby creating a harmonious living environment.

The idea of a suspended house is not just an abstract design concept; it materializes in various aspects of the GM Apartment. The resident shares their experience, "We have greenery all around, an open space with olive trees, a garden, and flowers. There's a pool, spa, and gym. All of these, combined with the ease and functionality that an apartment provides." This showcases how the suspended house concept has been brought to life, transforming the apartment into a lush oasis in an urban setting.

The GM Apartment by Priscilla Muller Architecture is more than a residential project; it is a testament to the harmonious blend of practicality and aesthetics. From the unique suspended house concept to the attention to detail in every aspect, it is a living space that not only meets but enhances the residents' lifestyle. Priscilla Muller's vision effectively blurs the lines between the functionality of an apartment and the charm of a house, proving that architecture, when executed with careful thought and innovation, can truly transform the way we live.


_written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_cover image by Eduardo Macarios

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