Garcia Apartment: Beauty and utility of architecture lie in its details.

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_project: Garcia Apartment
_architecture: Luiz Paulo Andrade Arquitetos
_location: Riviera de São Lourenço, Brazil

The architectural journey of a space is often marked by the transitional elements that guide the user's movement and perception, with stairs serving as a powerful sculptural tool, shaping the narrative of the design. As architects, we carefully consider the placement, form, and materials of stairs, transforming these functional necessities into focal points that elevate the overall aesthetic and flow of a space. Through innovative design, stairs can transcend their primary purpose, becoming stages for interaction, reflection, and the subtle choreography of daily life.

In the coastal region of the state of São Paulo, Apartamento Garcia by Luiz Paulo Andrade Arquitetos stands as a testament to the transformative power of stairs within architectural space. The project, a refurbishment of a classic apartment, embraces the staircase not just as a means of circulation but as a central feature that commands attention and engages the senses. In this dwelling, the staircase becomes a piece of modern art, a strikingly minimal yet complex structure that rises from the living area to connect the two levels of the apartment. Its bold, black form juxtaposes against the softer tones of the interior, drawing the eye and inviting the residents and guests to experience the ascent as an event in itself. The interplay of light and shadow through the day further animates the staircase, casting dynamic patterns that contribute to the ever-changing character of the space.

Apartamento Garcia exemplifies how the careful articulation of a stair can enhance the spatial experience, proving that these structures can indeed be the backbone of a project, both structurally and conceptually. By integrating the stairs into the living space with such deliberation, Luiz Paulo Andrade Arquitetos demonstrates that the beauty and utility of architecture lie in its details, elevating everyday elements into grand gestures of design.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter
_cover image by Manuel Sá

_drawings by Luiz Paulo Andrade Arquitetos

1. Axonometric

2. Axonometric Lower Floor

3. Axonometric Upper Floor

4. Lower Floor Plan

5. Upper Floor Plan

6. Lower Floor Plan to be demolished

7. Upper Floor Plan to be demolished

8. Axonometric Lower Floor to be demolished

9. Axonometric Upper Floor to be demolished

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