Fluid Home: Honouring the past and welcoming the new.

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_project: Fluid Home
_architecture: Alessandro Isola
_location: Italy

The art of architecture transcends the mere creation of spaces; it has the ability to transform houses into homes, embedding warmth, comfort, and a sense of belonging within the walls. It's a realm where design elements are not just aesthetically pleasing, but resonate with the emotions and lifestyles of the inhabitants.

Upon stepping into the Fluid Home, by Alessandro Isola, we are instantly enveloped in an aura of expansive yet well-distributed space. The meticulously crafted spaces are grand yet livable, a duality that unveils itself as the dweller spends more time within. Reflecting on the initial encounter with this space, the dweller shared in an interview that "every room is unique and is very livable...the house looks like a comprehensive place to live and maintain but after living inside you realize how easy it is to live every space and place." This statement mirrors the evolving perception and the seamless interaction between the dweller and the space over time.

A significant facet that elevates this house to a home is the seamless transition between the living room and the garden. This design element not only expands the spatial experience but also instills a unique sense of rest and tranquility. The dweller shares, “It is a unique sense of rest that this house gave us from the very first moment... It's useful when entertaining friends, but even with just a family of four, it still feels intimate and cozy.”

The narrative of transformation that the Fluid Home encapsulates, blending the old with the new, fosters a deep sense of belonging and identity. The reconstructed segments of the house meld seamlessly with the new, as the dweller puts it, “the memories and the integration with the new parts are very well thought through giving a sense of belonging and at the same time keeping the memories alive.” This narrative intricately interwoven into the design not only honours the past but warmly welcomes the new, making the Fluid Home more than just a dwelling, but a sanctuary of cherished memories, comfort, and a perpetual embrace awaiting at every corner.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter
_cover image by Thomas Pagani
_drawings by Alessandro Isola

1. Ground Floor Plan

2. 1st Floor Plan

3. 2nd Floor Plan

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