DN Apartment: The art of timeless design and vernacular elegance by BC Arquitetos.

_project: DN Apartment
_architecture: BC Arquitetos
_location: São Paulo, Brazil

The DN Apartment project, designed by BC Arquitetos, stands as a testament to the timeless beauty that can be achieved when an architectural project unfolds with patience, subtlety, and a deep respect for the concept of vernacular architecture.

This residential project offers a stunning blend of modern design principles and the charm of vernacular traditions. BC Arquitetos embraced the philosophy of vernacular architecture, a school of design known for its emphasis on utilizing local resources and traditional methods of construction. This approach typically unfolds slowly, as it demands a thorough understanding of the local environment, culture, and architectural heritage.

The development process of DN Apartment was not hurried; it unfolded over an extended period, evolving organically rather than adhering to a rigid, pre-set blueprint. The project was given the time to breathe, to adapt and respond to unexpected developments and emerging needs. This methodical, slow pace of development mirrors the rhythm of vernacular architecture, often born out of generations of architectural evolution.

Every detail of the DN Apartment reflects this slow-paced, vernacular design approach. Each room tells a story of careful consideration and artful decision-making. Shapes, colors, and patterns of the area are beautifully woven into the apartment's interior design, creating a strong sense of place. BC Arquitetos have succeeded in crafting a living space that doesn't merely exist within its local context, but actively embraces and enhances it. The careful attention to details has resulted in a space that feels authentic, comfortable, and deeply connected to its surroundings.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter
_cover image by Denilson Machado
_drawings by BC Arquitetos:

  1. Floor Plan
  2. Detail
  3. Section

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