Casacor São Paulo 2023: Shaping the very essence of human experience.

In exploring the theme of "Corpo&Morada," CASACOR São Paulo invites us to recognize that architecture is more than the assembly of concrete, steel, and glass. It is a corporeal experience—an embodiment of collective and individual aspirations, fears, and desires. The theme pushes us to think about architecture as a tactile, sensory experience that has the power to influence our emotional and psychological states.

The word "Corpo," referring to the body, is a profound choice. Our bodies are the original dwelling places for our souls, consciousness, or whatever one believes is the essence of human life. The body is both a sanctuary and a prison, a site of comfort and vulnerability. Just as we decorate our homes to reflect our tastes, the choices we make about our bodies - from clothing to posture—become a form of architecture. They tell stories about our history, culture, and even politics. The theme, therefore, invites architects to consider how spaces can be designed to be as versatile, welcoming, and nuanced as the human body itself.

"Morada," on the other hand, goes beyond the physical edifice of a home. In Portuguese, the word encapsulates the notions of dwelling, residence, and refuge. But a 'morada' is also a place where emotional and psychological inhabitation occurs. A home might be a well-designed, functional space, but it becomes a 'morada' only when it resonates with the people who inhabit it, offering a sense of security, identity, and belonging.

This intricate dance between "Corpo&Morada" extends to the societal scale, affecting discussions around urban development, public spaces, and even virtual environments. The CASACOR São Paulo exhibition hints at this by addressing urgent themes like social inclusion, environmental sustainability, and cultural diversity.

If the body is a template of natural design, a marvel of functionality and beauty, then our constructed habitats should strive for nothing less. By the end of the CASACOR journey, one leaves not just with a feast of aesthetic delights, but also with pressing questions: How can our homes become true extensions of ourselves—fluid, adaptable, and deeply humane? How can architecture reach beyond its physicality to touch the soul? As CASACOR São Paulo shows, when architects take on the challenge to answer these questions, they're not just building structures, but shaping the very essence of human experience.

AH’S Casacor special: Memórias by Leo Shehtman

AH’S Casacor special: Loft 011 by Marcela Penteado

AH’S Casacor special: Loft Celmar by Très Arquitetura

AH’S Casacor special: Casa Líder by Figueiredo Fischer

AH’S Casacor special: Casa Kraftizen Cosentino by Suíte Arquitetos

AH’S Casacor special: Loft (In)Terno by Ticiane Lima

AH’S Casacor special: Casa LG by BC Arquitetos


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_films by Architecture Hunter
_image gallery credits:

1. Memórias by Leo Shehtman, photo by Adriano Pacelli

2. Loft 011 by Marcela Penteado, photo by Renato Navarro

3. Loft Celmar by Très Arquitetura, photo by MCA Estúdio

4. Casa Líder by Figueiredo Fischer, photo by Ricardo Bassetti

5. Casa Kraftizen Cosentino by Suíte Arquitetos, photo by MCA Estúdio

6. Loft (In)Terno by Ticiane Lima, photo by Denilson Machado

7. Casa LG by BC Arquitetos, photo by MCA Estúdio

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