Casa Treliça: Embracing structural elegance in contemporary architecture.

_project: Casa Treliça
_architecture: Terra Capobianco & Galeria Arquitetos
_location: São Paulo, Brazil

In contemporary architectural practice, there's a growing trend to embrace the structural components of a building as key elements of its aesthetic appeal. This approach departs from traditional methods that often seek to conceal these elements, instead highlighting the raw and authentic beauty of construction materials. Such a design philosophy not only foregrounds the honesty and integrity of the building's structure but also paves the way for innovative spatial arrangements. One exemplary project that embodies this philosophy is Truss House, designed by Terra Capobianco and Galeria Arquitetos, which skillfully integrates massive structural elements into its design to create a harmonious blend of function and form.

Truss House, located in the Alto de Pinheiros district of São Paulo, presents an architectural design that celebrates structural elements as part of its aesthetic. Key to its design is the use of three metallic trusses. Their strategic placement of trusses not only supports the structure but also creates large, open, and uninterrupted spaces that are visually and functionally impressive​​​​.

The design of Truss House also emphasizes minimal obstructions for an uninterrupted visual experience. Less than a fifth of the first-floor area features opaque fences, enhancing the sense of spaciousness. This spaciousness is further amplified by the 3-meter-high ceilings.

The project features a metal staircase in the ground floor social area, leading to the first floor where the trellis is highlighted by the backlight of translucent thermoclick material (polycarbonate sheeting). The first floor houses flexible suites and a fitness room, showcasing the innovative use of space and materials. The house's durability and thermal resistance are further enhanced by the use of autoclaved and carbonized pine for the vertical slatted shutters and thermoclick material on the north façade​​​​.

Truss House has been recognized for its sustainable construction, earning a Silver certificate from the Green Building Council Brasil. It is equipped with photovoltaic panels and a water tank for reuse of water, underlining its commitment to environmental sustainability. Bold design choices, integrating massive structural elements visibly, can lead to innovative and sustainable architectural solutions​​​​.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter
_cover image by Nelson Kon

_drawings by Terra Capobianco & Galeria Arquitetos

1. Ground Floor Plan

2. Section

3. Upper Floor Plan

4. Section

5. Section

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