Casa Terra: Nature-inspired living with minimal interference and nostalgic natural materials.

_project: Casa Terra
_architecture: TETRO Arquitetura
_location: Serra do Cipó, Brazil

Casa Terra, designed by Tetro Arquitectura, seamlessly blends with its natural surroundings, fostering a strong connection with nature and the earth. The architecture of the house minimizes interference with the natural terrain, allowing the preservation of native trees and creating a tranquil environment enveloped by lush vegetation. According to the dweller, Tetro's design aimed to preserve the native trees, disconnect the environments, and employ natural, rustic materials, resulting in a home that harmonizes with the trees and native forests.

The house features disconnected spaces, each with its own ecosystem, offering privacy and unique experiences in different areas. The dweller emphasizes the benefits, stating that "each environment has its own ecosystem, without interfering with each other, providing privacy in each of the environments." Moving between these spaces involves traversing an external area covered with trees and natural brick paths, giving the impression of a guesthouse immersed in nature. This concept not only ensures privacy but also encourages the preservation of native trees, promoting a deeper integration with the natural environment.

A significant moment illustrating the connection with nature inside Casa Terra is described by the dweller, who recounts lying on a hammock beneath the mastic trees during autumn. The sight of the bare branches against the blue sky evoked a profound appreciation for the architectural space and a strong sense of connection with the natural elements that surround the house. This experience exemplifies the dwelling's ability to enhance the dweller's connection with nature.

Apart from the connection with nature, Casa Terra's architectural project holds additional significance for the dweller. The use of natural and rustic materials, such as burnt cement and wood, evokes a sense of nostalgia and a connection with the past. The inclusion of a classic "vermilion" wood stove, reminiscent of traditional burnt cement found in old Minas Gerais houses, further deepens the emotional attachment to the space. The dweller expresses appreciation, noting that these elements bring a cozy nostalgia and a sense of connection with history.

Casa Terra represents the successful integration of architecture and nature. Through its minimal interference with the natural terrain, disconnected spaces, and use of natural materials, the project establishes a profound connection with the surrounding environment. The dweller's experiences within the house highlight its ability to create a home that embraces and celebrates its natural surroundings, ultimately achieving a harmonious blend of human habitation and the natural world.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter 
_cover image by Luisa Lage

_drawings by TETRO Arquitetura

1. Blue Print First Floor

2. Section A

3. Section B

4. Front Facade

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