Casa Roca Fuerte: unveiling spatial narratives.

_project: Casa Roca Fuerte
_architecture: EMMA Arquitectos & Estudio Obra Prima
_location: Punta Del Este, Uruguay

Filmmakers possess a unique sensibility that allows them to capture and communicate the essence of architectural projects in ways that transcend conventional documentation. Through their lens, the intricate relationship between space, light, and materiality is explored, unveiling the layers of a building's story that might otherwise remain unseen. This perspective is especially vital when it comes to projects like Casa Roca Fuerte, where the spatial dynamics and architectural narrative unfold with each step taken within its confines. Designed by Emma Arquitectos and Estúdio Obra Prima, Casa Roca Fuerte illustrates how architecture can communicate beyond the visual, engaging with our senses and emotions in profound ways.

The project filmmaker, Fran Parente, shared insights into his perspective on the project and what attracted him to film it. He highlighted the surprising element of Casa Roca Fuerte, noting its continuous block facade with a central entrance that only reveals the house's layout, dimensions, and spatial distribution upon entering the courtyard. This discovery process inspired Fran to capture the "tour" experience through film, complementing the project's photographic documentation.

The central courtyard, a defining feature of Casa Roca Fuerte, was a focal point in Fran's film. He aimed to convey the courtyard's significance through aerial shots, 90-degree views, and human-scale perspectives, ensuring viewers could grasp the space's dimensionality. Fran reflected on the most striking aspects of the project, emphasizing how the house's exterior contradicts its internal complexity and development. The internal circulation around the courtyard, along with the interplay of visuals both outside and in, stood out as high points. Fran's two-day immersion in the house provided him with an incredible experience and affirmed the value of integrating photography and film to document the project fully.

Through Fran Parente's filmmaking, Casa Roca Fuerte emerges as a carefully choreographed experience. His work illustrates the power of film to unveil the nuanced interplay between architectural form, space, and the human experience, offering a deeper understanding of the project's essence.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Fran Parente
_curatorship by Architecture Hunter
_film editing by Raphael Borges
_cover image by Fran Parente

_drawings by EMMA Arquitectos & Estudio Obra Prima

1. Ground Floor Plan

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