Casa Puesta del Sol: A Seamless Fusion of Nature and Architecture in Harmony

_project: Casa Puesta del Sol
_architecture: JDEstudio / Javier Dueñas
_location: Zapopan, Mexico

Located between the bustling harmony of the jungle and the tranquil rhythm of the sea, Casa Puesta del Sol is an architectural gem designed by JDEstudio. This house is more than just a structure; it is a captivating composition of space and nature, an immersive sensory experience that facilitates a profound connection between its dwellers and the surrounding environment.

The owners of Casa Puesta del Sol express their feelings of fortune at the chance to live in constant connection with nature from every corner of the house. They describe the house as a pivotal junction between the jungle and the sea, two seemingly contrasting landscapes that coexist in beautiful harmony. The house is not just an observatory for the external world but also an active participant in it. Every step taken within the premises is an opportunity to be in touch with the environment, allowing the dwellers to wander through vibrant courtyards filled with life, creating a rich tapestry of experiences and atmospheres.

The design of Casa Puesta del Sol is a testament to the architect's intuitive understanding of its landscape. Upon opening the front door, the vision of the sea unfolds before one's eyes. This immediate visual connection to the horizon not only leverages the property's privileged location but also acts as a transition, allowing the dwellers to disconnect from urban contexts and immerse themselves in the serene environment. With prime views from the master bedroom and ample use of terraces, the home offers constant interaction with nature.

Casa Puesta del Sol resonates with a symphony of natural sounds. Elevated from sea level, the soft crash of waves against rocks becomes an integral part of the house's atmosphere, a soothing soundtrack that evokes tranquility. Birdsong from papelillo trees in the courtyard adds a vibrant note, creating a serene background melody. While the sound gradually fades into the subconscious, its soothing effect remains, infusing a sense of calm into the living experience.

Living in Casa Puesta del Sol is not merely about residing in a house; it's about embracing an entirely different lifestyle. It allows the dwellers to break free from the mundane routine and disconnect from the external world, fostering a deep connection with the self through nature. In the words of its owners, the most gratifying part of living in this home is its inherent ability to enable this profound connection. Casa Puesta del Sol, designed with such sensitivity and respect for the environment, reminds us that architecture can indeed be a bridge between humans and nature.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter & Mavix
_cover image by Cesar Bejar

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