NH House: A modernist masterpiece seamlessly integrating nature and design.

_project: NH House
_architecture: Atelier Daniel Corsi + Dani Hirano
_location: Itatiba, Brazil

Set against the picturesque backdrop of São Paulo, Brazil, the NH House is a modernist house designed by the duo Atelier Daniel Corsi and Dani Hirano. The project explores the interplay of inner and outer worlds through its 'living inside out' concept, seamlessly merging the dwelling with its surroundings. This is achieved with floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors that blur the boundaries between the interior spaces and the exterior garden, creating an immersive natural experience while maintaining indoor comfort.

The design embodies a unique duality, combining a minimalist approach with a sense of warmth, balancing openness with privacy. This contrast extends to the materials, where the raw concrete structure is softened by wood accents and greenery.

The NH House reveals its hidden details as one moves through it, offering fresh perspectives with each corner turned. This design choreography enriches the interactions with the house and is a testament to Corsi and Hirano's meticulous planning.

Sustainability is subtly woven into the project with solar panels and rainwater collection systems that merge aesthetically with the house and promote a green lifestyle. Despite its grandeur, the NH House leaves a gentle environmental footprint.

The innovative use of space, materials, and architectural elements bestow upon the NH House a dynamic personality. Time spent within its walls fosters a deep connection between the inhabitants and their home, continually revealing layers of discovery. Corsi and Hirano have created an inspiring architectural narrative that extends beyond mere structure, crafting a home that constantly reveals and evolves.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter 
_cover image by Nelson Kon

_drawings by Atelier Daniel Corsi + Dani Hirano

1. Ground Floor Plan

2. Upper Floor Plan

3. Roof Plan

4. Section AA

5. Section BB

6. Section DD

7. Section EE

8. Section FF

9. Section GG

10. Elevation Northeast

11. Elevation Southeast

12. Elevation Northwest

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