Elaborated to center the family’s lives on nature and evolve with them over time.

_presented by Arkos
Casa Jabuticaba
_architecture: Fernanda Marques Arquitetura
_location: São José dos Campos, Brazil

Casa Jaboticaba, a residence located in São Paulo, Brazil, is one of the most impressive projects created by the renowned architect Fernanda Marques. The project was born out of a deep reverence for nature and the desire to create a home that existed in perfect harmony with its surroundings.

In an interview, Fernanda described the creation of Casa Jaboticaba project as being inspired by the beauty of nature and the interplay of architecture, interiors, and product design. Fernanda emphasized that her greatest inspiration for the development of her projects comes from the attentive look at the circumstances of life in our daily lives, including art in general, not just architecture and interiors.

Fernanda also highlighted the delicate balance between creating a functional space while preserving the natural environment. In this project, the metallic structure used made it possible to overcome the limits of the internal and external barriers, allowing nature to be incorporated directly into the interior of the house. The large windows and glass doors offer panoramic views of the surroundings, as well as allowing natural light and cross ventilation, reducing the need for artificial lighting and ventilation.

Moreover, Fernanda incorporated product design into her architectural designs, creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing space. By designing furniture specific for each space, she managed to complement the architectural project, reinforcing the contemporary style of the house and creating a unique and personalized experience for users.

Fernandas' design process differs when working on projects in different locations and cultures, requiring a deep empathy and sensitivity to each client's needs and desires. Her team approaches each project with an open mind and a willingness to learn, seeking to understand the unique qualities of each location and culture before creating a design tailored to the client's specific needs. Regardless of where she designs, Fernandas' commitment and dedication are the same, imbued with a sense of aesthetics and a reverence for the natural world.

Casa Jaboticaba is a masterpiece of contemporary architecture that beautifully blends the boundaries between interior and exterior, creating a sense of serenity and tranquility that surrounds the entire house. The project showcases Fernandas' creativity, sensitivity, and dedication to creating innovative and functional spaces that are in perfect harmony with their surroundings.


_written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter
_cover image by Fernando Guerra
_drawings by Fernanda Marques Arquitetura:

  1. Ground Floor Plan
  2. Upper Floor Plan

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