Casa Enso II: Harmonizing architecture with nature in Guanajuato.

_project: Casa Enso II
_architecture: HW Studio
_location: Guanajuato, Mexico

HW Studio, an architectural firm based in Morelia, Mexico, is making waves with their latest project, Enso II. This charming and intimate home, set in the scenic Guanajuato landscape, has just won the Award of Merit at the 2023 AZ Awards - and for good reasons.

Nestled in Guanajuato, a place bursting with cultural and architectural richness, Enso II is a celebration of local heritage. The area is renowned for its unique identity, visible in everything from its buildings to folk tales and even historical figures like Pípila. It's no surprise then that stone, a material deeply ingrained in the local culture, became the star of Enso II's design. It's not just about using local materials, but also about creating a home that speaks to its surroundings.

The home's layout is cleverly designed in the shape of a cross, dividing it into four distinct sections with their own purpose and charm. This design choice is all about living in sync with nature, urging the residents to immerse themselves in the outdoor environment. You've got a welcoming garden in one quadrant, a shaded area for cars in another, a cozy one-bedroom space for living, and an office area that stands tall, adding a unique touch to the landscape.

Enso II isn't just a house; it's an experience. It's a journey through various spaces that connect you with the elements – the earth, the air, and the mountains. It's like living in a modern-day monastery that's perfectly at one with its natural setting.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Montse Roma via V2comnewswire
_curatorship: Architecture Hunter
_cover image by Cesar Béjar

_drawings by HW Studio

1. Rooftop Plan

2. Ground Floor Plann

3. North Facade

4. South Facade

5. East Facade

6. West Facade

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