The apartment’s design meticulously values the view in every social area.

_project: Canvas Apartment
_architecture: Apó Arquitetura
_location: São Paulo, Brazil

The Canvas apartment, designed by the architectural firm Apó Arquitetura, stands as an example of tranquillity-infused design. For the architects at Apó, the notion of peace is not merely an abstract concept but a key element in their projects. Their belief stems from the idea that amidst a world brimming with transient information and trends, our living spaces should foster relaxation and serve as sanctuaries where we can calm our thoughts and disconnect from the outside world. They achieve this by using minimal elements, light tones, and natural textures.

Indeed, architecture significantly influences how people feel and interact within a space. Apó Arquitetura seeks to harmonize the practical aspects of architecture with the sensation of lightness and peace they aim to convey. They consider this achieved through an architecture devoid of excesses, where few strategically positioned elements maintain the strength, identity, and practicality of the space. This delicate equilibrium between functional and emotional aspects is at the core of their designs.

The name of their studio, Apó, suggests a connection with the concepts of 'roots' and 'origins'. For the architects, these notions define their spaces. They understand that our roots and origins, whether on the scale of our houses or our cities, shape our ways of living. They take this into consideration, refining their approach to accommodate the dynamics and histories of humans and societies in their designs.

In their projects, the idea of 'returning to roots' is not a literal regression but a way to understand our histories to define and shape our spaces. The Canvas apartment is a manifestation of this philosophy. It's a dwelling space that not only serves the practical needs of its inhabitants but also carries an intrinsic tranquillity and lightness, contributing to an environment where the inhabitants can feel peace and disconnect from the external world.

The project was therefore designed with an understanding of the client's history, embodying the essence of Apó Arquitetura's ethos – an architecture that aims to be a blend of tranquillity, functionality, and a deep understanding of our roots and origins. Thus, the Canvas apartment, in its serene elegance, offers an escape from the transience of external trends, inviting its inhabitants to a peaceful retreat amidst the urban chaos.


_written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter
_cover image by Fran Parente
_drawings by Apó Arquitetura:

  1. Isometric Floor Plan
  2. Isometric Floor Plan 2
  3. Floor Plan
  4. Floor Plan 2

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