Beton Brut: Harmony of concrete and culture.

_project: Beton Brut
_architecture: tHE gRID Architects
_location: Ahmedabed Gujarat, India

Inspired by the image of an Indian woman shielding herself from the sun with her pallu, Beton Brut, designed by The Grid Architects, embodies a dual essence: the robustness of brutalism softened by emotive Indian inspirations. This blend gives rise to what the architects call 'neo-brutalism,' a style that embraces the strength of raw concrete (Beton Brut in French) while maintaining a soft, emotive core. The residence's monolithic appearance, characterized by bare concrete, geometric shapes, and a monochromatic palette, marks a distinct contrast to conventional residential designs. Its striking form is an artistic statement, combining functionality with innovative design.

The dwellers of this unique residence share insights into their experience, revealing how the architecture shapes their daily life. One of the most significant aspects of Beton Brut is its extensive incorporation of natural light and greenery. The residents express that this infusion profoundly impacts their living experience. "Skylights and expansive windows immerse our spaces in sunlight, fostering a positive ambiance," they explain. The central landscaped court and terraces are not just aesthetic features but extend the living areas into nature. The courtyard, especially, maintains a moist environment in an otherwise dry area, thanks to the strategic placement of a skylight that encourages plant growth. This design creates a residence that is not just a building but a sanctuary where architecture and nature coexist in harmony.

The monolithic and monochromatic design of Beton Brut, with its geometric shapes, offers a unique living experience. The residents describe it as "an artistic experience" that stands out from conventional designs. Despite its distinctiveness, the space remains functional, blending innovative design with everyday practicality. This balance between aesthetics and functionality makes Beton Brut a remarkable example of architecture that serves both art and daily life.

The residents note, "At Beton Brut, our home is a seamless blend of personal sanctuaries and spaces for shared moments." The dining and living areas extend outdoors, enhancing family gatherings. The design strategically accommodates privacy in bedrooms while promoting togetherness in communal spaces.

Beton Brut as become a living entity that not only houses its residents but also shapes their experiences, fostering a unique blend of privacy, togetherness, and a deep connection with nature. This project, through its innovative approach to neo-brutalism, redefines the concept of a home, turning it into a dynamic space that nurtures both the individual spirit and family bonds.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Vinay Panjwani
_curatorship by Architecture Hunter
_cover and image scroll by Photographix | Sebastian

_drawings by tHE gRID Architects

1. Ground Floor Plan

2. First Floor Plan

3. Second Floor Plan

4. Section AA

5. Section BB

6. Section CC

7. Front Elevation

8. Left Side Elevation

9. Right Side Elevation

10. Perspective

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