Peclat&Chow's Atelier: the importance of details in the design process.

_project: Atelier Peclat&Chow
_architecture: Atelier Peclat&Chow
_location: São Paulo, Brazil

Atelier Peclat & Chow is an architectural firm renowned for its unique approach to design. In an interview, the architects emphasize the importance of details in the design process, reflecting their design philosophy through an exceptional balance between the macro and the micro. "Our design process is quite specific. We always start where people normally end - the detail. The detail for us is not the final process of the project, but an intrinsic part of our thinking from the start," they explained.

The architects espouse a philosophy of essentialism, striving to find the perfect equilibrium between minimalism and maximalism. They said, "We are essentialists. We seek the essential, not the minimum or the maximum. The details reflect this final potential that architecture will receive." Their approach reflects a focus on a timeless, meticulous, and unique detailing process, which they believe adds personality and strength to their projects.

Material optimization is a critical aspect of their design and planning process. However, instead of focusing solely on the material's cost or sustainability, they are primarily concerned with the sensory experience the materials provide. For instance, in their own atelier, they used a mineral paint based on clay, resulting in a striking tactile surface that inspired interaction from all who encountered it. They believe in optimizing materials to enhance sensory experiences within their architecture.

Over time, they have observed an evolution in their approach to material optimization. They place great importance on the temporal relation of materials within their projects, considering how they age over time. This appreciation for the natural ageing process of materials has led them to prefer natural over synthetic materials, which they believe do not age as well or provide the same sensory experience.

In their words, "Architecture needs to function in everyday life, and it needs to age well, just like we do. So, our evolution in terms of the use of material is increasingly looking at how the material will react over time."


_written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_cover image by Architecture Hunter
_drawings by Atelier Peclat&Chow:

  1. First Floor Plan
  2. Second Floor Plan
  3. Rooftop Plan

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