Architecture Hunter's Office: from conventional office to creative hub.

_project: Architecture Hunter's Office
_architecture: Nildo José
_engeneering: DCortez
_location: São Paulo, Brazil

The new office of Architecture Hunter is a reflection of the intricate balance between functionality, aesthetics, and the dynamic needs of a creative team. The renovation journey, underscored by the insights of the Architecture Hunter team, reveals a profound transformation from a conventional space into a vibrant hub for creativity and collaboration.

The transformation of the space from a dated legal office to a modern, open-plan design studio is marked by the reflections of Matheus Gait, partner and operations director, who was surprised by the before-and-after transformation. "When we rented the property, it seemed like we went back in time to an 80s law office. We had to redo everything from scratch".

Sophia Valerio, the content hunter coordinator, observes the significant cultural shift towards a young, flexible, and open environment, facilitated by glass divisions and a connected workspace. "The project completely redefined the company's culture," she states.

"The biggest contrast between before and after this project is natural lighting and ventilation... Today we don't even need to turn on the lights throughout the day!" says Amanda Ferber, the founder and CEO, praising the natural lighting and ventilation improvements.

The office's design fosters multifunctionality and unexpected uses, as described by Pedro Pahl, a product analyst, who points to the pantry's dual role as a dining area and alternative meeting space. Similarly, Luiz Ferriani, partner and executive producer, and Gabriel Alencar, film director and video content developer, remark on the project's facilitation of a comprehensive and interconnected work environment. Anna Ditta, the global business manager, points to the partition-free workspace as a catalyst for constant exchange and inclusivity, "This unity of workspace fosters constant exchanges among everyone and keeps all informed."

Rafael Guerra, the video editor, emphasizes the adaptive use of space, especially the versatile kitchen area and the abundant natural light enhancing well-being and productivity. "Every space, except for the sofa and the large table, is utilized for various activities, making the office very flexible."

The influence of the office's new design and organization on productivity and creativity is significant. Luiz Ferriani believes that "good design and architecture inspire us just by being there," a sentiment echoed by Gabriel Alencar and Amanda Ferber, who note the design's role in promoting staff interaction and organic moments of creativity.

Cauê Anker, a filmmaker intern, points out how the design enables rapid and integrated communication among the team, "the space is both small and expansive, allowing for rapid and integrated communication among the hunters."

Design elements like natural light, visibility, and materials such as wood and glass significantly boost comfort, collaboration, and openness. The editing room stands out as crucial for the quality of video content, underscoring the importance of dedicated functional spaces.

Looking ahead, the team acknowledges the need for the space to evolve with the growing and changing needs of the team. This includes adapting work positions, introducing new spaces for video calls, and maintaining an inclusive and mixed-use environment that fosters interaction and creativity.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter
_cover image by André Scarpa

Special thanks to all the suppliers:

_woodwork: Madeira Certa
_flooring: Protécnica | Espaço Reformar
_air conditioning: LG Brasil | STR
_meeting room chairs: FK Grupo
_bathroom carved sinks: Mont Blanc Mármores
_washbasin fixtures and fittings and kitchen faucet: Docol
_pantry sink: Mecal
_refrigerator: Franke | Enjoy House
_window frames: Sev Exclusivv
_lightning: Luxion
_staff table: Novacorp
_staff chairs: Desco
_sofa: Jocal
_pantry desk: Wentz
_pantry chairs: Cavezzo
_matallic vases: Os Ferreiros
_plastic vase: Vasap
_curtains: Hunter Douglas | Casa Mineira

_drawings by Nildo José

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