Architecture Hunter debuts at Expo Revestir.

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_project: Architecture Hunter's Booth at Expo Revestir 2024

_architecture: Pedro Coimbra Arquitetura
_location: Expo Revestir, São Paulo, Brazil

For its inaugural appearance at Expo Revestir, Architecture Hunter hosted its very own stand, a significant leap after several years of engaging with the event through various collaborations. This milestone event allowed Architecture Hunter to experience the expo from an insider's perspective, offering a fresh and immersive view to whoever visited the stand. Central to the stand's attraction was the collaboration with the brand Punto e Filo, celebrated for its innovative approach to semi-artisanal carpet manufacturing that marries technological advancement with a deep commitment to sustainability.

The carpet, designed by the architect Pedro Coimbra, was one of the central points of the stand and was not merely a decorative piece but a vibrant stage that welcomed lectures and hosted a virtual reality exhibit. This particular piece drew attention for its dynamic green hues, adding a layer of visual intrigue to the stand.

Punto e Filo's collaboration with Architecture Hunter at Expo Revestir highlighted the brand's dedication to eco-friendly practices and technological commitment. Punto e Filo's creations, are produced using an innovative material crafted by Aquafil, this utilizes a groundbreaking method to recycle nylon waste from the sea and landfill sites across the globe. Through a unique regeneration process, the nylon is restored to its pristine condition, retaining all the qualities of new nylon, yet it can be repurposed endlessly without diminishing in quality.

Punto e Filo’s participation in the Expo Revestir, alongside Architecture Hunter, showcased not just a product, but a vision for the future of design and sustainability. The stand became a space of inspiration and insight, highlighting the possibilities that emerge at the intersection of architectural brilliance, environmental consciousness, and innovative material technology.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter
_cover and image scroll by Denilson Machado

_drawings by Pedro Coimbra Arquitetura

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