Apartment GF: A curvilinear embrace in the heart of urban living.

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_project: Apartment GF
_architecture: Lucas Takaoka
_location: São Paulo, Brazil

In the urban landscape, finding a sanctuary that not only accommodates but also emotionally resonates with its inhabitants is a rare feat. Apartment GF, designed by Lucas Takaoka, stands as a testament to such an achievement. This residence offers a unique embrace to its dwellers, courtesy of its curvilinear design and warm material palette.

The apartment’s design pivots around the concept of ‘a home that hugs’. This is vividly realized through its sinuous curves which flow seamlessly throughout the space, creating an enveloping sensation. The curvilinear plans are more than an aesthetic choice; they foster a sense of continuity and fluidity, guiding the residents through the living spaces in an almost choreographed dance. This architectural gesture breaks from the rigid linearity typical of urban apartments, offering a softer, more organic living experience.

Materiality plays a pivotal role in transforming this architectural concept into a sensory experience. Lucas Takaoka’s choice of warm materials, like wood and soft textiles, adds a tactile dimension to the apartment. The furniture selection further accentuates this theme of embrace. Each piece is thoughtfully chosen for its ergonomic design and comforting presence. Rounded edges, plush upholstery, and inviting colors create inviting nooks, perfect for relaxation and introspection. This careful curation of furniture ensures that each area of the apartment is not just a space but a welcoming haven.

Living in Apartment GF is akin to being in a continual embrace - a rare sanctuary where architectural design and materiality converge to create a home that doesn’t just house its residents but truly holds and comforts them. In a world where the rush of city life can be overwhelming, This apartment stands as a warm, embracing haven.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter
_cover image by Lucas Takaoka
_drawings by Lucas Takaoka

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