A Home in the Forest: A continuum of its surroundings.

_project: A Home in the Forest
_architecture: Icon Design Studio
_location: Coimbatore, India

In a quiet forest clearing, a space emerges that is both of its time and deeply rooted in the natural world—this is the project "A Home in the Forest." Captured through the lens of filmmaker Sohaib Ilyas, this architectural endeavor invites us into a seamless dialogue between the built and natural environments.

Sohaib described his first impression as one of profound calm. He stated, "Upon entering the project, I was immediately struck by the minimalist design. The focus was on creating a connection with the surrounding nature rather than cluttering the space with unnecessary elements." Indeed, the home does not scream for attention but rather lets the natural elements take center stage. Walls are more like transparent membranes, floors like stretches of earth, and ceiling like treetops. The ambience is filled with the soft murmurs of wind, water, and wildlife, turning the space into an extended landscape.

Discussing his overall opinion on the project, Sohaib remarked, "It stands as both a captivating space and an impressive architectural work. What truly sets it apart is its seamless integration into its natural surroundings while still providing all the necessary comforts and conveniences for human habitation." Every corner, every opening, and every material chosen seems to make the house a continuum of its surroundings. The architecture doesn't just sit within nature; it breathes, listens, and responds to it, achieving a remarkable equilibrium that is rare to find in modern dwellings.

Sohaib sees his work in architectural filmmaking as a crucial part of storytelling. He pointed out, "In my perspective, architecture serves as the canvas on which daily life unfolds. Where life unfolds, stories naturally emerge." Armed with an educational background in architecture, Sohaib aspires to explore the narratives encapsulated within architectural spaces. He aims to bring out the design language, the vision behind each project, and the experiential dimensions it offers.

He concluded, "Architecture, to me, transcends mere buildings; it represents the narratives they encapsulate, the emotions they elicit, and the connections they facilitate. Through my work, I aspire to breathe life into these stories." In the context of "A Home in the Forest," Sohaib does just that, providing viewers with a window into a world where architecture and nature coexist in harmonious balance. The project serves as a unique template for future undertakings in the architectural field, proposing a philosophy of design that speaks not just to the human condition but also to the greater ecosystem we inhabit.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Sohaib Ilyas
_film curatorship by Architecture Hunter
_cover image courtesy of Sohaib Ilyas

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